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Tuesday talk

Published:Tuesday | August 12, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Gold search

1. Persons are questioning why prospecting for gold in the hills of St Catherine has been so hush-hush. Usually, there is a public announcement prior to prospecting activities. Much of the concern stems from the fact that dangerous chemicals like arsenic are used in the process, and the citizens of the country ought to be given assurances that their waterways are protected. The last prospectors left their chemicals behind, we are told. Accountability is not one of the relevant minister's favourite words. Rather, he seems to operate on the basis that "the ends justify the means".

Things fall apart

2. Old-time people used to say: "Show me yuh company and I tell yuh who yuh are." Now it seems that 'bad company' is being blamed for the Big Man falling off his pedestal. Persistent rumours suggest that things fell apart after that meeting on US soil.

Tivoli enquiry

3. As time for the Tivoli Enquiry draws near, some folks are asking out loud whether the cooperating investigators from outside of the country are going to be called. For example, will the country hear from the operators of air surveillance?

Where's the hope?

4. One of the great paradoxes of our time is the fact that children of the majority of our politicians and leaders of society are living outside of this country. Any casual survey will confirm this, and so the question is this: If the children don't have any confidence in their parents' ability to make this country better for us, why should the rest of us have any hope?