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In solidarity with Hydel University College

Published:Saturday | August 30, 2014 | 12:00 AM


We, the graduates of The Hydel University College (THUC), are deeply disappointed and rather disgusted with the mischief-making behaviour of a few anonymous graduates who chose to go public with the issue of THUC's registration.

Therefore, we wish to declare, unreservedly, that we are not in support of this childish and vindictive approach by a few so-called THUC graduates. Clearly, these individuals have a hidden agenda with which we do not wish to be associated, because it is abundantly clear that THUC cannot be blamed for this delayed registration.

It is our prayer that the requisite action will be taken by the University Council of Jamaica (UCJ), so that THUC will be facilitated, to not only 'soar on the wings of excellence', but to continue its well-intentioned nation-building pursuits.

In the meantime, we are extremely heartened that Senator K.D. Knight is standing with us as we exercise patience, professionalism and common decency.

It is our unwavering hope that all unnecessary and narrow agendas, wherever they exist, will be set aside and the long-awaited registration of THUC will be granted by UCJ.

We are very proud and grateful graduates of THUC and no one will succeed in getting us to denigrate or turn our backs on our beloved institution.

C. Ramsey-Simpson, Y. Longman, and others