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St. Elizabeth - No cases in St Bess

Published:Thursday | September 18, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Although to date there have been no reported cases of the chikungunya virus in St Elizabeth, this fact has not erased concerns that teachers have for the health of their students and themselves.

Barbara Williams, principal of Faith Basic School in Santa Cruz, St Elizabeth, said there is an added concern because her students are young, ranging from ages two to six years old.

"They can't withstand anything. Sometimes when they are sick they can't even explain what is wrong," Williams said.

With that in mind, she said it was up to the parents to be vigilant of the signs and should a child have similar symptoms to that of the chikungunya virus, to seek medical attention and not send the child to school.

"If they discover that the child has a fever [and] pain the child must be [taken to the doctor].

"Most times when they get sick at school, although you have numbers, you don't get through to the parents," Williams added.

She said that should one child come to school with the virus the likelihood of it spreading among the students and teachers would be great as they are in close proximity daily.

She added that the school had no issues with garbage pile-up or any other conditions that may promote mosquito breeding.