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St Ann - Schools take steps to prevent outbreak

Published:Thursday | September 18, 2014 | 12:00 AM

The school population in St Ann does not appear to be in any serious danger as far as the chikungunya threat is concerned.

A spokesperson from the St Ann Health Department said yesterday that there are no confirmed cases coming from schools in the parish.

Leo DaCosta, acting principal at Ocho Rios High, St Ann, said that last week several students at the school reported having flu-like symptoms, but there have been no confirmed cases of the disease.

Over at Brown's Town High, Principal Johnallson Ferraria said: "There have been no confirmed cases so far, no one with flu-like symptoms."

Ferraria said the school is organising a clean-up campaign and will seek assistance from the public-health department as the administration seeks to keep its population healthy.

"There are no breeding sites at the school," a teacher at Clapham Primary told The Gleaner.

"We have filled all the tyres with soil, and although there is garbage to be collected, we have ensured that the garbage is not facilitating breeding sites for mosquitoes."

Checks with several other primary schools, including Discovery Bay, Ocho Rios and St Ann's Bay, revealed a clean bill of health among students and teachers.

- Carl Gilchrist