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Portland - Students, teachers hit hard, as trash piles up

Published:Thursday | September 18, 2014 | 12:00 AM

The number of students and teachers affected by flu-like symptoms has reached an alarming proportion at some Portland schools, which has again raised serious questions as to whether persons have contracted the chikungunya virus.

The worst affected school is Port Antonio High, where to date 19 students have been impacted from a single shift, along with six teachers, who are bothered by joint pains, high fever, and headache.

"Since the reopening of school, we have sent home at least one student every day," commented Vice-Principal Jacqueline Campbell. "We operate a double-shift system, and my records have indicated that 19 students from one shift have been affected. I honestly don't think the situation is getting better, however, we are following the advice of the Ministry of Health."

Similar situations exist at Boundbrook Primary, Manchioneal All-Age, and Bethesda Basic schools, where at least one student has been sent home daily since the start of the new school year as a result of them falling ill with flu-like symptoms.

Meanwhile, garbage collection by the National Solid Waste Management Authority in Port Antonio has been reduced to only one collection per day, for reasons not yet specified.

As a result of the downscaling in the removal of garbage from the streets, piles of waste have been left for extended periods in some communities, including Stony Hill, Boundbrook, Breastworks, and Anchovy, which could very well become a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

- Gareth Davis Sr