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Constant Spring field unfit for football

Published:Monday | October 13, 2014 | 12:00 AM

THE EDITOR, Sir: The surface of the Constant Spring field has been a source of discontentment for years for the teams and supporters of schoolboy football, even without mentioning the parking challenges, poor seating and lack of proper sanitary facilities. The refrain from ISSA has always been the inability to afford the rental at better facilities.

My question to ISSA is this: At what point does the FOOTBALL in a football competition become important? Whereas I understand the challenges faced by schools in the first round, this is the business end of the competition where, presumably, the best teams are on show and, by extension, the best players.

Primary mandate

Shouldn't it be a primary mandate when organising the competition to ensure the protection of the best players and providing them with a suitable platform on which to parade their skills? LIME obviously understood the value of this, in organising its commercially sponsored Super Cup. Consequently, LIME has ensured that proper surfaces were secured at Sabina Park, Juici complex, etc, to showcase a product the company has invested in.

It is a shame that ISSA doesn't see the need to protect the nation's oldest and most prestigious schoolboy football trophy in the same way. Certainly, dialogue with the sponsors, the intervention of the Jamaica Football Federation, and an appeal to the Government could obtain facilities such as Stadium East, Waterhouse Mini Stadium or Tony Spaulding Complex at concessionary rates or rates underwritten by sponsors to protect our youngsters and allow them to showcase their skills.

José Marti player injured

José Marti recently defeated St George's on a field that was simply treacherous. While I am sure coach Neville Bell would never use the pitch as an excuse for his team's loss to a very spirited José Marti team, I am equally sure that getting off the field with healthy players was as much on his mind as winning in that match. At least one José Marti player was injured (happily a minor injury) as a direct consequence of the field.

It is unfortunate that something else other than the quality of the football may, indeed, have a say in deciding the kings of Corporate Area football.