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'Mission Catwalk' host rude to gov't workers

Published:Monday | October 13, 2014 | 12:00 AM

THE EDITOR, Sir: Permit
me to register my utter disappointment and disgust at a flippant and
callous statement made by the host of the reality show 'Mission
Catwalk', which aired on Saturday, October 11, on one of our local
television stations.

When seeking to ascribe a disparaging remark
to an outfit that she found not up to her particular standard, Mrs
Keneea Linton-George stated that the piece looked like a 'government

This was not just another hot mic incident as the remark
came out in the finished and edited production that was aired in front
of an audience during prime-time viewing. In any event, viewers of the
programme, government workers included, must be left to ask themselves,
"What effrontery?"

For, while local viewers may now have become
virtual gluttons to the phenomena of sound bites, and while the
producers of the reality show simply copy and paste Westernised social
values in the cast of characters who pose as judges and fashion experts
on 'Mission Catwalk', not one of its viewers would have expected the
lady of high fashion to stoop so low.

The remark was an insult to a
cadre of persons who have been unswerving in their dedication to a
national initiative to correct the macro-economic indicators of the
island and have done so through a series of sustained and consecutive
wage freezes that commenced in 2009.

So, the sackcloth that these
government workers wear are testament to their sacrifice. And, while it
might not seem much to others, to government workers, it remains their
'supreme venture'.

Might I then implore the good lady to retract
her statement and the producers to issue an apology to the hundreds of
thousands of government workers who might be a little less than kin, but
are a little more than kind.


Unions Estate