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LIME's new fee dampens festivity

Published:Monday | November 24, 2014 | 12:00 AM


If you are a LIME customer, you would have seen an accompanying letter with your November bill from the CEO of LIME Caribbean, Martin Roos, informing you of an additional monthly fee of $262, inclusive of taxes as of January 1, 2015.

According to LIME, customers who do not sign up for e-billing will have to pay this additional cost to have their bill printed and sent to them by traditional mail.

This decision by LIME is unfair since the company has given their customers less than two months notice of their intended action to impose this added charge on monthly bills. There are many customers who do not have access to a computer. What about the older LIME customers who might not be as computer savvy as others? Will there be any provisions made at the LIME branches to assist customers in signing up? The November dated letter by the CEO did not mention anything to this effect.

According to LIME, their decision to go e-billing is more convenient and cost-effective. However, I humbly ask, is this decision more convenient for all your customers, LIME?

LIME's decision to impose this additional charge at this time is most ill-advised and goes against being good corporate citizens. What about those customers who are on a fixed income, such as pensioners? What about customers who are on a wage freeze?

Additionally, LIME's recent acquisition of Flow has drastically limited the Jamaican consumer's right to choose. This move cannot be in the best interest of the customer. Is this what we should expect in the future, LIME, as you acquire your competitors and strengthen your monopoly?

LIME's pending decision has certainly put a damper on the festive season. I hope LIME revisits its decision and give their customers a bit more time. Let us all have a merry Christmas.

Wayne Campbell