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Tech Times: Tech one on one with Diandra Shand

Published:Monday | February 2, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Written and compiled by Kareem LaTouche and Stephanie Lyew

1a. Does your job require the use and know-how of technology?

Yes, it's fundamental to stay ahead in a rapidly changing and highly competitive market. I am responsible for social media management, website, and booking-engine management, to name a few. Through the innovative use of a mix of technology channels, I try to ensure that Half Moon's target audience is reached and in a manner that generates maximum ROI.

1b. What are your go-to technology tools for work?

My Canon Mark III camera, my iPhone and iPad. As for apps, it's Google SnapSeed. For certain marketing reports, I use Omniture and BrightEdge analytics, Emma reports.

2. What technology trends have your company integrated to help deliver customer service?

Half Moon is the only Jamaican resort offering videoconferencing and webcasting. We have the capability of doing live streaming for persons who are unable to attend meetings or even wedding events being held at the resort. Additionally, we were keen to ensure we developed a mobile-optimised website to capitalise on the chance of converting visitors to our website into customers.

Mobile users can make a booking directly from the site, and thankfully, we have no reports of browsing issues or other problems as the site is fully optimised. We also recognise that wireless Internet service is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. As such, the entire property is outfitted with this. Visitors to our island want to be sure they can readily have access to their business affairs and family back home.

3. In what way do you depend on technology today as opposed to five years ago?

I can't go a day without my phone or Wi-Fi access. The moment I find out I left my phone at home, I either go back for it, if I can, or fidget for the entire day.

I want to always be kept up-to-date with emails as well as keep in constant communication with the Half Moon fans and followers on social media.

In some ways, life has certainly become more complex with technology as we rely heavily on it for the simplest of things, such as a meeting reminder, but on the other hand, it keeps us grounded.

The downside is sometimes I find myself texting someone who is within walking distance instead of face-to-face communication. With that said, I will be attending one of Half Moon's Digital Detox sessions very soon - wish me luck!

4) What are the tech items on your wish list?

As an Apple convert, I'm eagerly awaiting the iPhone 6-plus. The camera is excellent for day-to-day use it's the best looking phablet around.

For my travels, I'm hoping to get a titanium studio wireless Beats by Dr Dre, which, coincidentally, is part of the Apple brand.

I really love a good timepiece and I'm putting it out there that an Apple smartwatch would really make me happier. Again, the design is just perfect (especially the yellow gold ones, hint-hint).

Finally, while this is non-Apple, I will be getting an Eye-Fi wireless memory card for my Canon Mark III.

Tech term of the week

P2P: The P2P is a type of
network-sharing software, such as LimeWire and BearShare. Peer to peer,
which is what P2P stands for allows the computers - peers - to share
files from designated or assigned folders.An individual on one computer
can search the files on another computer. Once the users are connected
via P2P, there is no need to connect to a central server, but this could
lead to privacy issues, especially if the computers are not protected
or the folders are not separated from the rest of the network.