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Published:Friday | January 18, 2019 | 12:00 AM


Against All Odds (A Poem for Jodian)

She was high.

He took her there;

But without warning

He dropped her.

And just like that,

Her heart hit the pavement.

It didn't shatter though,

It only broke.

Guess he didn't take her high enough.

Thank God!

Because she probably would have died,

And robbed the person deserving of her;

And robbed the world of a beautiful soul.

Nicole Thomas

Dedicated to: Jodian Spaulding



Inner peace and joy,

Floating on thin air like clouds in the sky,

Filled with love and positive thoughts.

Untouched by negativity,

A great feeling of ecstasy,

A heart blossoming with sweet fruits,

Thrilling sensations,

Laughter is contagious.

An excitement unleashed.

An adventure in store.

Greatly energised, highly inspired.

An ocean of pleasant experiences,

Fireworks exploding in my soul like on Independence Day.

Spirit lifted like colourful balloons

Dispersed in celebration of spectacular moment.

Happy birthday!

Erika Heslop Martin


Mere Suggestions

Drink the perfume

If it will make you sweeter, still

Paint away your raucousness

And never mind the spills

Clutch courage like a purse

With precious stone

Bite into wisdom


Like a hungry dog with bone

Dream with eyes wide open

To note what's passing by

If it's an opportunity

Surely, cling to it, and fly

Relax and listen to the world

In order to transcend

No person is an enemy

Although few are truly friends

Each daunting task we gladly choose

Before we reach a womb

While there is happiness in life

Some may succumb to gloom

We can laugh and play and dance

And joke and cheer and rest

All these are priceless treasures

Free as air

I do suggest