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Published:Sunday | March 3, 2019 | 12:19 AM

I am ready to love

Let me love you like no other has loved you.

No distraction, no holding back.

No crazy jealousy, no hasty fling.

No hook-ups about the ex.

Leave the past in the past.

Let’s go out and make a blast.

I want the present to be the best

And the future better than the rest.

A prosperous one filled with adventure.

I am ready to love you.

Let me express the great feeling that I feel for you.

Let the angels fold their wings at the display of our love.

Let us dream magical dreams

And let us make them a reality.

See the princess marry her prince.

Watch the butterflies decorate the heavens

As my love descends like a dove.

I am ready to love you.

Your love means so much to me.

I have grown to love you can’t you see?

You make me blush so easily.

Your smiles touch me so delicately.

Heart to heart connection.

Soon a whole bodily connection.

Ultimately a soul to soul connection.

Magically, mystically mesmerizing,

Your aura is so appealing.

This connection is so revealing.

Concentrate on me and you

Because I am ready to love you.

- Erika Heslop Martin


Eve’s Apple

…And Eve ate the apple

The good book said

And the good girl

Learnt all the things it said

Keep your thoughts white

Flee from that sinner’s bed

Imbibe all the things

That the Pastor said

But in nights alone

And thoughts tinctured red

Found the apple’s core

In white linen bed.

- Lisa Gaye Taylor


Overcoming poverty

Who created poverty? into existence who brought forth this monstrosity?

Ever since I was a boy I've never known her majesty, simply because I was blinded, by this man-made atrocity,

Why can't I find her majesty? Why am I not happy?

Who created poverty?

Could it be our very own humanity?

Could it be a device devised by those whom wish to stay wealthy?

Ever since children, empty stomachs we had, H2 O had to fill them. All because someone created poverty!,

So, I ask again, who created poverty?

Why has it come to snatch, not only my joy happiness and physical health but even my very sanity?

Who created poverty?

Having such a rough childhood, we marched against you as we should! though we are yet to claim victory.

Who created poverty?

Could it have been created by all of humanity? Could it be a blue print within our mentality ? Could it be that we are all just greedy?

Who created poverty? Could it blame its longevity on those who are week intellectually?

Who created poverty?

Could it be the product of our every day way of life? Should we take more steps that are deemed as wise?

Who created poverty?

(Who are you to speak? ) some may ask, so let me tell them, ever since my siblings and I were children, empty stomachs we had, H2 O had to fill them!

So let me speak then.

Great things achievable we need to seek them!

Success favours the strong so you can not be week then.

Stand up then, many doors out there waiting to be opened.

Knocking seems poor, kick it down then!

Opportunity seems stubborn, take her by force then!

Who created poverty?

Perhaps we need to take a lesson from Jackson!

Perhaps we should take a look in the mirror!

Maybe there we will find , whom created poverty.

- Shawn Smith