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An engaging, beautiful read for children

Published:Sunday | April 28, 2019 | 12:00 AMAnn-Margaret Lim - Contributor
The cover of ‘Love has Wrinkles’.

Lisa McLean’s Love Has Wrinkles – her first published children’s book – is exactly what Fae Ellington says in her blurb: lovely. As Ellington writes in her endorsement of the book, it “addresses the issue of the importance of the extended family… grandmothers in particular”.

In Love Has Wrinkles, a large enough and age-appropriate narrative is accompanied by realistic photos, given the landscape or portrait treatment.

A beautiful book that teaches about grandmothers and even great grandmothers; the different names they have, such as Nana, Gran Grandma and Grannie; and how they look and feel and love, thus imparting necessary information, Love Has Wrinkles is at once aesthetically pleasing and technically sound. You get the feeling that more books like these – at once fulfilling her artistic ambitions and desire for successfully imparting knowledge and displaying business acumen – will issue from McLean’s hands.

McLean who has a master’s degree in early-childhood education and who is a maths specialist for the elementary and middle-school grades, in essence, gifted the Caribbean family with a book with people who look like us, making it even more relatable to the age-group cohort.

Yes, Love Has Wrinkles, intended for children ages three to six, is excellent for teaching children about the family. In fact, Love Has Wrinkles has a companion book, Love Has Strong Hands, which focuses on the grandfather, and together, or even individually, are excellent for the classroom or the parish or home library.

Aside from the usefulness of the book in imparting knowledge on the family unit and endearing our grandmothers to us, Love Has Wrinkles is a welcome addition to the family of books that reflect Caribbean people.

Technically sound, definitely written from the heart and celebrating Jamaican and Caribbean families, Love Has Wrinkles can be sourced from Amazon, My Jamaica Store, or the author at


Title: Love Has Wrinkles

Author: Lisa McClean

Lisa Mclean Publications

ISBN 978-976-8277-29-9

Published: 2018

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