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Published:Sunday | May 12, 2019 | 12:00 AM

You are Mother


When I was wrapped in the

Warmth and comfort of your womb,

And felt the touch of your love

from the inside.

When your arms held me for the first time, telling me what

Joy and beauty I was,

kissing and smiling, not wanting to let go.


You are Mother

When I kept you up through the night crying

Yet you stayed calm and understanding

Just to make me well again.

And when I made my first word

And you burst into joy

Having me doing them over and over again.


You are Mother

When you took me to my first day at school

Smiling proudly, giving me confidence

When I became a teenager

And thought I knew it all,

Causing you many tears and heartaches

Yet I became a better person

Because you never gave up on me.


You are Mother

At my graduation when you smiled so proudly at me

saying I had faith in you

When I told you I got the job

And we shouted and laughed together,

When I called or came over needing your help

And you never said no,

Ans I say to you

You are Mother, My mother

And I love You

Thanks for everything


- Paulette Collins




Saluting mothers


If we were not mothers,

Who, on earth, would we be?

Just cooks and cleaners, career keepers?

Is that all we’d ever be?


If we were not mothers,

What would have filled our lives?

Breakfast, brunches, dinners, lunches,

With friends and family?


Suppose we were not mothers,

What would we do with all that love?

All those warm and fuzzy feelings,

Would explode our treasure trove!


So grateful we’re made the mothers,

Nurturers of the human race;

Soothing, caring, giving compassion;

No one else could take our place!


Yes, so grateful we’re made mothers,

A designation so sublime;

Blessings handed down to mothers,

Have withstood the test of time!


- Hyacinth Burgess-Gregory




My Caring Mother


Many long nights you have spent with me, trying to lull me to sleep.

You wiped my runny nose, and always washed my dirty clothes.

I emulate the life that you portray,

and I thank you dearly for bringing me up in this positive way.

You have proven that your motherly love is high above the rest,

throughout my entire childhood, you have shown extraordinary interest.


You are outstanding in all your ways,

and I pray that God will lengthen your days.

Your motivation, strength, courage and thoughts are one of a kind.

And there is no mother that is comparable to mine.


A very priceless treasure you are to me,

and I will give you my full respect, love and honour.

Integrity, positivity and hard work, are just some of the qualities you have instilled in me.

You told me that my ambition will take me so far,

and today your words have come to pass.


I honour you to the very depths of my heart,

as only a caring mother would play your part.

All that you have done for me, how can I ever repay that cost?

Whenever I reflect on the past: Your time, love, support and care, could cover the entire earth.

Each day, I truly recognize and appreciate your real value and worth.

It wasn’t easy raising me morally right, but you pulled through with the help of God’s might.

You never gave up, you never quit, and you never turned your back on me.

Today, I have made you so proud,

and you have no regrets,

it is so factual that you are the best.


Your vital and influential role I will always proclaim,

without you, my life could never be the same;

you were by my side through all the many days of pain,

and my love for you will always remain.


- Paul Green