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The only way to live a happy life

Published:Sunday | August 27, 2023 | 12:07 AM

We all dream of a golden, bright future. However, sometimes thoughts of the future do bring worry and fear, yet we continue dreaming of a happy future. Parents teach their children to study well, get good grades and make a career, to have a bright future. Society teaches us to work hard so as to have a better future after retirement. Religions teach us to worship God to have a better future after death. Human may be the only species who mostly lives either dreaming about the future or with the guilt of the past. Do we stop and think about this very moment – today?

The mother of your golden, bright, dreamt future is your TODAY. Do you ever check what you are doing to make today better? Dreams will not make a bright future, but the quality of today will determine your tomorrow. We live in pain, complaining, doubting, in anger today, and dream of a peaceful, happy tomorrow. It is like a sick and weak mother dreaming of having a healthy baby. Is that possible? The child won’t be born out of dreams of the mother, the child will be born out of the mother’s present reality. Our today is nurturing tomorrow in her womb.


The calendar says today is Sunday. But is it Sunday for all of us? There are many people for whom sunrise hasn’t happened yet, it is not yet Sun-day, as many of us are still in the dark phase of life. We all have a different today and thereby we all will have a different tomorrow. We need to understand this simple formula: if you are not happy today, your tomorrow can’t be happy, and, if you are peaceful today, your tomorrow will automatically be peaceful, you don’t need to worry. Your tomorrow is created by living it today. Live today so blissfully that your tomorrow can bloom in bliss. Each moment is creating the next moment. The present moment is the base of the future and you only have the present moment in your hand. If your today is unliveable, how can your tomorrow be pleasant! The only way to live life is to live the present moment to its fullest. With each moment passed unhappily, you spent a little of your life for nothing. Don’t kill your best self by not living your present joyfully. It is wasting the precious life given by God.


To make your present happy and peaceful, come and join us this evening. Enrich yourself with the treasure of happiness that already belongs to you. Come to learn the method to unlock the treasure box.

Day: Sunday, August 27

Time: 5-6 p.m.

Venue: Stella Maris Church

62 Shortwood Road, Kingston

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