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Racing Season is Upon Us! - An Event for the family this Mother’s Day

Published:Thursday | May 3, 2018 | 12:00 AMKareem Latouche

The Caribbean's premier racing event, the Seaboard Marine Caribbean Motorsport Championship (CMRC), is finally here. Participating riders and racers have lit the flame of the midnight oil for weeks, getting their machines prepared for optimum performance.

Round One of the CMRC has been merged with Jamaica Race Drivers Club (JRDC), where the two groups have come together to form one of the most spectacular racing events of the year.

Jamwest Speedway, Negril, will be hosting the powerful unification of auto talent this Mother's Day weekend, May 12-13.

According to famed Jamaican racer Doug 'Hollywood' Gore, "this race meet has everyone buzzing. The international racing event grants Jamaican local drivers and riders the opportunity to compete with the best in the Caribbean".

Gore's Kia, The Beast, will not be participating next Sunday's event, however. He is sharpening his technique with the intention of seeking total domination at the upcoming Dover's Speedway in June.

Nonetheless, patrons can expect the circuit legend to be bantering with his fellow competitors and brawling over his favourite contender in each of the five racing categories over the Mother's Day weekend.


Peter Rae's farewell lap


The event will also highlight another monumental occasion with the retiring of Peter 'Zoom Zoom' Rae, who has been racing professionally for 50 years.

Rae's career is riddled with exhilaration from he started manoeuvring corners in England on motorcycles at the height of 'youth culture' in the '60s and '70s to him finding his way back to Jamaica 10 years later. The Jamaican vintage-car racer will be entering the event in Group 4.

He has high expectations for his Mazda RX7 as he hopes to pass the checkered flag first at the Jamwest Racetrack. If this comes through, the spray of champagne on May 13 will certainly add texture to the continued celebrations of the CMRC's final round in Guyana in November of this year.

The racing veteran will have to battle David 'King' Summerbell for the podium, and the 'King' is no stranger to confrontation. Remember the infamous three-car crash that sent heads spinning last year? Well, this time around, the racing whiz's new Radical SR8's objective is to reclaim Jamwest's curvy paveway.

Even though he has his eye on victory, Summerbell still took the time out to pay homage to Mr Zoom Zoom's skill behind the wheel. "Peter Rae will certainly be missed. He is a true racer to the core, but I have no intentions of giving him a free pass."

With comments like these, the sparks between these two drivers will paint a scandalous display - a scene that will have the crowd glued to the fences.


Enjoying the Adventure Park


The event will be hosted at the 395-acre Jamwest property, which also has an adventure park, and patrons get access to both the park and raceway once they have a ticket to the event. This is a good option for persons who are not interested in the motor races and just want to enjoy the adventure park.

The park is fitted with multiple attractions such as a pool, rock-climbing facilities, and multiple Mother's Day specials. In addition, there will be a 50 per cent discount on ATV and zip line tours. "We have a Mother's Day special 90-minute Jungle Safari Tour for $4,999. It's like a nature trail, where at the end, you get a relaxing mineral bath and free massage. I also want persons to know that they will have free access to our petting zoo, bird aviary, and water slide," disclosed Andel Griffiths, sales and marketing manager, Jamwest.

Despite the fact that all this is an attractive offer, the promoters are aware that the distance from many of the country's cities can be taxing, for example, from Kingston to Negril is a solid four-hour drive. "We have done a partnership with Knutsford Express, where they are offering a special round trip that carries persons to the venue and stays there to carry them back to Kingston," shared Griffiths.

Even with all of this, they are aiming for persons to get more than a day's experience and have also partnered with many hotels in the parish, which be giving discounts to guests staying on the Mother's Day weekend.

Affiliated hotels such as CocoLaPalm andTravellers Beach Resort will be charging $10,000 and $8,000 per night, respectively. "We have partnered with hotels with all different categories, which have all agreed to give guests a discount. Some of the hotels are White Sands Beach Resort, Hidden Paradise, Board Walk Villa, and Riu Negril. To get the full list, persons have to visit our websites," stated Griffiths.

Last, he emphasised that they want this event to be a Negril weekend getaway for the entire family. "We want persons to come down from Friday and enjoy the festivities. Negril is a beautiful place to be, plus, there are so many things to do on our property. We are more than big enough to accommodate an event of this magnitude. For example, we have secured parking space for thousands of cars, and we have three new access roads to get persons out of the property much easier," added Griffiths.

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