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Increase demand for dash and reverse cameras

Published:Sunday | February 28, 2021 | 12:16 AMToriann Ellis - Contributor
A dashcam being installed by Gooon Auto Services.
A dashcam being installed by Gooon Auto Services.
GPS tracking device.
GPS tracking device.
GPS tracking device.
GPS tracking device.

There has been a surge in using dash cameras and reverse cameras to record accidents and mayhem as motorists are now taking their safety into their own hands.

Tristan Lewis, the owner at Goon Auto Services (GAS), reported that the increasing demand for these aftermarket devices is primarily because of safety reasons.” For reverse cameras, the main obvious reason is safety because, in Jamaica we operate in tight spaces, especially urban areas, and so having a reverse camera will aid and help protect a motorist’s vehicle and help to prevent accidents, even death. Also, it provides additional benefits like peace of mind.”

When asked what factors may lengthen the installation process of these devices, Lewis stated it depends on the model vehicle, because some are more technical to work with and may therefore influence the time the cameras take to install.

However, with the increase in technology, these cameras are more cost-effective, and so, despite the model vehicle, motorists are sacrificing the time to get these devices installed. “Persons are purchasing the dash cameras more, because they are useful in being the witness for motorists. For instance, where the driver of a public passenger vehicle does not want to provide liability.”

He added that these cameras are very versatile because they use memory cards with built-in shock sensors to capture incidents with criminal activities or accidents. “The dash cameras use memory cards that have shock sensors capable of overriding previous recordings or video footages, so that incidents and accidents can be captured and saved for future use,”he explained.

Lewis also implores motorists to purchase dash cameras and reverse cameras from individuals that understand the product, in order to get the ones with the necessary features. “These cameras are more than just their brands, because motorists may purchase one from a big brand which may not be equipped with all the right features. So, it’s important to purchase these devices from auto services that understand their needs in order to receive devices that best meet their requirements.”

“Also, at GAS, dash cameras and GPS tracking systems are popularly sold as a package because they offer more security and convenience to motorists,” he reported.

He noted that the GPS systems and dash cameras are a one-time purchase and are monitored by the owner of the vehicle so they can see when their car is on on off and where it is located. “Should a motorist set a geo-fence program around their vehicle, they can see when the vehicle has left their premises. Therefore, persons buy the dash camera along with the GPS system, because it does not require them to pay a monthly maintenance fee and the features of these devices are credible.”

Additionally, these cameras play a huge role in tackling the crime rate in Jamaica. “Not only are these devices geared towards recording road fatalities, but they act as deterrence of motor vehicle theft. So, if a person wanted to steal a motor vehicle, when they see the dash cameras, they would think twice.”

Lewis further informed that, if authorities influence motorists to purchase these cameras, then it will aid in the JamaicaEye initiative.

This is an islandwide network of camera surveillance, which enhances the safety of all citizens. Therefore, motorists who have cameras in public spaces can sign up with this network and share their camera feed.

“These cameras will monitor public spaces across the island so that law enforcers can respond to road incidents,” Lewis said.