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Warmington has earned his rightful place in the gutter

Published:Tuesday | August 11, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Everald Warmington, the epitome of the gutter.

It appears to me that public officials and servants can misconduct themselves and disrespect the citizens of this country that they serve, but they are not likely to suffer severe disciplinary actions from the administration of the People's National Party (PNP) and the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) for their disgraceful behaviour because of a lack of decisiveness and the lack of observance of high moral and ethical standards from the political parties.

The South West St Catherine Member of Parliament Everald Warmington is certainly no stranger to being abusive and disrespectful to citizens. In fact, he makes it a habit of conducting himself like a stark, raving lunatic when dealing with them, including media workers, especially when those media workers are females. Let us examine some of his prior outrageous and disgraceful conduct.

Warmington, the then state minister in the Ministry of Water and Housing, while at a party campaign in Old Harbour Bay, St Catherine, in December 2007, threatened residents who were seeking the much-needed Hurricane Dean relief fund that in order for them to obtain the assistance, they first had to vote in the election. If the conduct of Warmington in that regard was not corruption per se, forgive me, because I am not certain what is.

In 2008, Warmington was disrespectful when media workers questioned him about his remorseless utterances after a parliamentary sitting. He hung up the phone on a media worker from the Nationwide Radio when the reporter attempted to obtain information from him over the deplorable road conditions in his constituency that caused a protest by residents. He also hung up the phone on a worker from The Gleaner/Power 106 News Centre twice when he was asked for details of the impending meeting with the former prime minister Bruce Golding.


overzealous idiot


In 2010, Warmington reportedly referred to the then contractor general, Greg Christie, as an "overzealous idiot". Christie had launched an investigation into the alleged criminal conduct of the firm, Strathairn Construction Company Limited, which was allegedly owned by him.

While he chaired the committee that examined the expenditure of the Constituency Development Fund in late 2010, he threatened that he would bring a resolution to bar the media from reporting on the sittings. Talk about transparency and accountability.

Warmington told Kerlyn Brown from CVM TV's News Watch to "go to hell", then hung up the phone, in March, 2011, after she questioned why he remained in the House of Representatives since the JLP regained power in 2007, despite his allegiance to another country that rendered him unfit to serve as a candidate. Of course, his latest broadside and uncontrollable temper resulted in an assault of a media intern employed to The Gleaner.

Whenever he misconducts himself and degrades the public office that he holds and is mandated to uphold with dignity and respect, he is only given a slap on the wrist, and an apology that lacks sincerity is issued, oftentimes on his behalf.

No respectable administration should allow a public servant like Warmington to disrespect and abuse the citizens he is charged to serve with integrity, respect, accountability and transparency, by operating in such a gutter-like and disgraceful manner.

Warmington is accountable to the taxpayers of Jamaica. He is not a law unto himself. Citizens, including media workers, are not asking him for a favour. There are certain standards and expectations that are required of public officials that are stated in the Staff Orders for the Public Service (2004), and by virtue of morality and ethics.

We will no longer tolerate deplorable representation from him. Enough of this abuse, aggression and lunacy. The JLP should fire Warmington as a party official and send him to the gutter where he belongs.

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