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Letter to Paul Bogle on the CCJ debate

Published:Wednesday | November 4, 2015 | 10:42 AM


Dear Paul,

It's been a long time, 150 years, they say. Well, Paul, real issues are much the same, only our leaders are of different background and colour, mostly same as us and less of William Gordon. Now let's talk about some of the many things going on in the country you gave your life for to make better. You will understand as you read or listen what I write. Where you are you, I imagine you can do both.

To have the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) should not be viewed as an integration matter, nationalistic matter or even a political matter. Paul Bogle, this is a matter of justice. No benefit should be derived from it but that which gives fair judgment to the many people. Those who are elected by the people and for the people should never stray from this knowledge. Isn't that so, Paul? We do not trust our leaders to make fundamental decisions on our behalf. They are too political. I am not afraid to say so some think that they are elected on behalf of politics. Our neocolonialist has broken our trust. They juxtapose themselves in political parties for the people to take the Great House on behalf of our new enslavers - the corporations and foreign investors.


Paul, I wish you could come and talk to them, talk to the people, too. We can't get any worse; we only can redeem ourselves at this time and place. Our leaders need to build trust and they can begin with the CCJ. They can begin to build trust by being sincere in this debate. Do not debate on party positions. The polls imply only about 30 per cent of the population would support any party's position. Seventy per cent of the people are not for the PNP; the same goes for the JLP. You would think they belong to the same country. Yet there is so much enmity in them. Paul, I think they should take some time to reflect, weigh the possibilities and consequences for the people, before making a decision. You think that might work Bogle? Their purpose is to behave like government of the people, by the people and for the people: that is called democracy.

The debate must include "that on behalf of the people" means to secure inalienable rights to live justly in society. Bogle, if the CCJ will protect us from injustice all would agree, and would accept it.


Another thing, do you think we can find honest people to manage it? Well, if a man can show that we don't have competent people in our legal circle, dog nyam wi supper. K.D. Knight's gesture of "before party and before self", if sincere, then there is hope. As I listen and watch our elected, it reminds me of a quarrel/war, but not for the same reasons as yours, I am sure. Are they fighting each other on our behalf, Paul?

One other thing before I go. I don't blame Dr Ferguson for the same reason as many would. What I blame him for is not to produce the required resource; if requested. Resources are lacking everywhere. The ones to be blamed are those who fail to notice it, report it, or take action sufficiently to stabilise the situation at the source when it occurred. Workers on behalf of the people should not sit in silence while babies die and the system continue to foster the undereducation of children.

I think they will listen to you for they call you hero. As I said, there are many things to tell you, so next time when you hear my voice listen and tell us what to do.

Bevin Fairweather

(A teacher and walker

150 years later)


Highgate PO

St Mary