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Rich versus poor

Published:Sunday | November 15, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Everyone is now caught up in the election fever, but the key thing is what will happen after the election.

God has been speaking to many Jamaicans in dreams and visions - young and old - from all walks of life regarding Jamaica. Some have been seeing vehicles or various airlines crashing. Others are seeing buses and planes, while others are seeing in their dreams and visions tsunami and tidal waves hitting Jamaica. All these have a double meaning - spiritual and natural. They represent spiritual depravity and other negative happenings within the nation, such as crime and corruption.

The coming election is not about which colour. It is about the rich and elite becoming richer, and the poor becoming significantly poorer. Furthermore, it is about the strong conviction diminishing within the people.

Despite the suffering of Jamaicans, even if they are not Christians, they are still God-fearing. So there is a fight to impose the Egyptian and the Babylonian systems on Jamaica. If this is successfully accomplished, then these systems could successfully infiltrate the remaining island.

One of the key things to achieving their objectives is to keep dividing the people politically, so that they will not see the bigger picture and keep pointing fingers at what one government did in the past and what the other didn't.

A person cannot create a future by using the past. The fact of the matter is that both political parties have made some wrong choices over the years which are now affecting the nation. It was all about self. Until we move away from the word 'self', then Jamaica may become as Syria is today; or there will be places in the nation that nationals will not able to enter or access.

There are many groups on social networks that have healthy debates daily. But I suggest that they come together and set aside a day for prayer and fasting.

Our country has moved away from the very words that make up our national anthem. We have become short-sighted as a nation, and we don't look at the long term when making decisions. We have embraced and let in Trojan horses, and have given foreigners greater favour than our locals.

A time is coming where many politicians will be weeping on their beds for some of the decisions that they have made.

Even as it concerns crime, many benefit from it, so there is no great effort to alleviate it. The only time we will see great change is when someone deemed important in the nation is cut down.




Going forward will be very interesting. Only divine intervention will turn the nation from the path it is on. For many years, prophetic instructions were given for both leaders to come together, along with the private and public sector, lock down the country between one and three days, and make atonement for some of the past wrongs that have broken spiritual laws.

Many excuses have been given for failing to do this and some have even said they cannot shut down businesses for that long. But, interestingly, they never had a problem shutting down some of these very places when earthly kings were coming to visit. If we don't shut down for God, He will shut us down.

As far as the elite and rich are concerned, the present economic environment is conducive to their 'success'. They will do anything to maintain it. But how long will it remain that way? I know many are disappointed about the Church because, for a nation with the most churches per square mile in the world, there is so much crime. Sadly, not every place that is called 'church' actually belongs to God.

If it had not been for a group of faithful ones praying for the nation, it would have collapsed long ago. The disappointment lies with some of the leading churchmen in the country who have access to both political and diplomatic corps, but have taken political sides and have compromised God's word for themselves and their denominations.

Once, when I told a politician of the potential increase in crime ahead especially in the west - Montego Bay - he outlined to me that one of the greatest hindrances with the Church is that each time someone from the Church comes with a plan or proposal, there are others who always come in and discredit the plan and dissuade people from listening to the proposal - because they are protecting their turf. Interesting.

- Steve Lyston is a biblical economics consultant and author of several books, including 'End Time Finance' and 'The New Millionaire'.