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Ikaya's Ugly Girl the talk of the town

Published:Tuesday | March 3, 2015 | 6:06 PMSadeke Brooks

While she works on her first EP, singer Ikaya is currently basking in the buzz of her recent single, Ugly Girl.

Ikaya made quite an impact in 2010 with the single Hard Way, but despite her constant presence in the industry, the singer admitted to The Gleaner, that she is currently working on her very first EP, which will be done by established producer Clive Hunt.

"Nothing happens before the time. It is just the right time now. I have grown in so many ways, so now is the time. Clive Hunt is a great producer and I am honoured to be working alongside him," she said.




While she has not disclosed a release date for the EP, Ikaya says Ugly Girl, will definitely be one of the tracks on her project based on the feedback that it has been getting.

"It is doing great and will definitely be on the EP. It is creating a buzz and causing debate. People are leaving views," she said.

Ikaya says she was even invited to SiriusXM, a satellite radio station, to perform the song at the studio in Washington DC.

Despite all the buzz and attention that Ugly Girl has been getting, Ikaya says she is not entirely surprised, because the song is very relatable.




"It is relatable and reality. It happens everyday. A man cheats on his girlfriend and he cheats with an ugly girl. It is reality and I express myself through music and I write about what I see happening," she said, adding that the Scorpio 21-directed video, was released just over a week ago.

But Ikaya says it is not based on personal experience.

"It is not personal," she said, laughing. "But I look back and I have said that before. It doesn't necessarily have to be an ugly girl, but the character of the person can be ugly," she told The Gleaner.