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Hawaiian Band Promotes World Peace Via Reggae

Published:Wednesday | October 26, 2016 | 12:00 AMCurtis Campbell
Nadia (left) and Kaya Lambsbread
Jacob and Samuel Lambsbread

Hawaiian roots reggae band, The Lambsbread, is known to spread conscious messages in their region through music. However, with its new record, World Peace Before 2021, the band is hoping that the entire world will be impacted by their content, especially since there are rising tensions among some of the world's most powerful countries, namely Russia, the US, and China, among others.

World Peace Before 2021 was inspired by a peace activist and is intended to play a role in evoking love and unity among rival countries, members of The Lambsbread explained to The Gleaner.

"Earlier this year, we were performing at an outdoor reggae festival in Maui, called Reggae on the Beach. After the performance, we were approached by world peace activist Jill Kollist. She told us that she loved the music, the message, and was amazed by the young, talented keyboard player and drummer. She explained that it had been her life work, campaigning for world peace, and wanted to set a goal of 2021 to see this dream a reality. Finding out that The Lambsbread was a family band, she felt we would be perfect to record the song World Peace Before 2021 to help manifest this goal, and that a reggae version of the song would best transmit the message across the world. Anything to help rid the earth of destruction and violence seemed like a good idea to me, so we wholeheartedly set to the task of producing a song for the project," band member Kaya Lambsbread explained.




The song was released on September 21, 2016 for International World Peace Day, and is available on iTunes and all major online digital stores.

The Lambsbread also teamed up with Jamaican brand Cooyah clothing company to produce a symbolic t-shirt, which is expected to further raise awareness about global issues affecting world peace.

The shirt features a lion and lamb, symbolising peace on earth with the phrase, 'World Peace Before 2021'. In addition, $5 from each t-shirt sold will be donated to organisations helping victims of war-torn areas.

To purchase the merchandise, interested persons may log on to The band will also release an accompanying music video in December 2017, which will feature children from several countries worldwide.

"History cannot be erased, and it is time for the people of the earth to learn from all the past injustices and evil that have been committed by governments and organisations of power. People just want to live in safety and security wherever they are from, and international conflict between nations is more to keep the profit machine rolling than protecting freedom or democracy. The suffering of the children needs to stop, and we are praying that this video will help to open the eyes of people to the goodness in all, regardless of their race, colour, or creed," Kaya Lambsbread told The Gleaner.

The group is comprised of members Kaya, Nadia, Jacob and Samuel Lambsbread.