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Parkes Considers Expanding Band’s Role

Published:Tuesday | February 21, 2017 | 12:00 AMMelville Cooke
Lloyd Parkes leads band in performance.

The attention Lloyd Parkes' album Time A Go Dread is getting, is stirring thoughts of expanding his band's role.

Renowned as a backing band, especially touring with the late Dennis Brown, and supporting performers on the long-running Startime series, Parkes is mulling self-contained performances for the outfit.

"It is something I have in mind," Parkes said, acknowledging "you have to plant the seed." As far as being a backing band goes, Parkes said, "I think I do enough."

So, he said, the album's results so far are "a good going for me. This is a dream come true. The world is seeing this. I know I will be getting calls to do Lloyd Parkes in concert."

He pointed out a weakness in previous vocal efforts, saying "distribution is really key, and that is what's holding back the stuff." As Pressure Sounds is the outfit which has pushed Time A Go Dread, Parkes said he would like to work with them from here on.

Lloyd Parkes has been doing backing band duties since 1975, and he recalls events like the Clancy Eccles-run Christmas morning concerts at the Carib cinema.