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The Haven lights up with SkyGrass Live

Published:Monday | August 28, 2017 | 12:00 AMStephanie Lyew
Arii Lopez approaches the microphone with ease at the SkyGrass Live show at The Haven, recently.
(From left) Sheldon Shepherd and Everaldo Creary invite newcomer Volente (centre) to join them on stage.
(From left) Singer Kim Nain takes a step back as the new 'Love and Hip Hop' star and international model, Gabrielle Davis and singer Arii Lopez, are wooed by SkyGrass during the live performance.
Everaldo Creary of No-Maddz seen here recording a snap during his performance.
Yemi MacGregor (left), PR consultant of Next PR Solutions shares a frame with Gabrielle Davis, international model during SkyGrass Live at The Haven.
Members of the SkyGrass band on persussions.
SkyGrass band members, Simon Bowden, lead singer, Rasheed McCallum and John Fenton during an eclectic performance at The Haven, recently.

The sidewalks on Hillcrest Avenue were recently filled with cars as persons made their way to The Haven at number 12, to catch a view of the eclectic line-up of musical misfits, Arii Lopez, No-Maddz and the host and headliner for the evening's events SkyGrass.

Pending the release of a new SkyGrass album, produced by Rory 'Stone Love', the band decided to invite a few friends out to share the stage with them, as well as solicit a small collection for the Maxfield Park Children's Home.

The band, which is used to taking on charitable projects, never publicly requested the patrons' contributions prior to the event, but the support was incredible.

"This is the first time we have asked persons to make donations at one of our events, but we believe that along with time and growth, comes a greater understanding of life and purpose," said Simon Bowden, lead singer of SkyGrass. "What we really, are and the efforts we make, are contributions to one-another," he continued.

The night started with the soulful serenade from Arii Lopez, then the ethereal duo - Sheldon Shepherd and Everaldo Creary - took to the stage with the usual entertaining eccentricity that is known of No-Maddz.

By the time SkyGrass took to the stage, everyone was on their feet; even persons who only stopped by for a quick drink and a basket of wings were rocking to the slow-beating percussions by Suane Brown of SkyGrass.

All the performers brought their A-game, treating the small intimate setting at The Haven like a stage show, as they sang their feel-good fusion of reggae, rock and blues.