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Henriques emphasises value in antiques - Historical, financial value in old items

Published:Wednesday | November 15, 2017 | 12:00 AMPaul Williams
Ainsley Henriques, organiser of the annual Antiques and Colllectibles Fair.

It will be two days of reminiscence and reflection this Saturday, November 18, and Sunday, November 19, when objects and items from the past will be on show at the 26th annual Antiques and Collectibles Fair. It will be held inside Lindo Auditorium, Campion College, Hopefield Avenue, St Andrew.

Ainsley Henriques, the fair's host, told The Gleaner, "Jamaica has many interesting historical items coming down from over 500 years and more. Our heritage is unique and important and collectibles can be exceedingly valuable.

"An item that you may see is one that your grandmother had," Henriques said. "Learn how to care what you may have inherited or just start your own collection for you and your children." The children, too, are encouraged to participate, to be bitten by the antiques and collectibles bug.

Much can be learnt from the items about the social and domestic history of the places in which they originated and were used. They speak about the taste, style and sensibilities of the people who once owned them.

Not to be overlooked are the skills and artistry of those who made these items. For the artisans, it was not just about the utility, but also about the aesthetics.

Yet, the items are not only about the historical value that they possess. The forgotten familial stories and the perspectives from which they can be told are other reasons why people are urged to go "look, if not to collect and share".

While the focus will be on antique objects, things from the present will be in their place. Paintings, jewellery, clothes, hats, bags, books and modern furniture are a part of the 2017 Antiques and Collectibles Fair.