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‘The Unknown’ - Christian psychologist pens book to help persons find hope and purpose Unknown'

Published:Sunday | January 27, 2019 | 12:00 AMJodi-Ann Gilpin/Gleaner Writer
Peta-Gay McClure with a copy of her first book ‘The Unknown’.

Frustrating, fearful, but necessary, was how Peta-Gay McClure described the last 15 years of her life.

Dealing with a divorce in addition to other distressing situations taught her many lessons which she documents in her first book –The Unknown.

According to McClure, a Christian counselling psychologist, writing the book came with many tears and long pauses. But she believe she has produced a book of hope and purpose.

“As I journeyed through a separation from my husband and then a divorce, I had a strong desire from the Lord to write the different things I was about to learn from Him during this new journey. I was fighting the urge to write this book because I didn’t see myself as an author, but I couldn’t ignore the many times I would hear, ‘You need to write a book’,” McClure told The Sunday Gleaner.

“As I went through my ‘unknown season’, which was about 15 years, I realised why I needed to write this book. My situation, as unique as it was to me, is a journey that many have faced, and will face, throughout their lives. Not only having to go through a divorce but sudden traumatic experiences that life throws at us periodically need some amount of teaching and personal experiences revealed, so that people will know they are not alone,” added McClure.

She said people need to know that hard times does not mean that God is evil but that growth comes in the midst of pain.

“This (writing the book) is where I learnt what it meant to walk by faith and not by sight. I wrote and waited, wrote and prayed, wrote and stopped many times, waiting for my journey to catch up to the deliverance I needed, so that I could finally conclude the book,” she said.

“So both things had to come together to make sense to me and also to my readers. Frustration stepped in when, over a five-year period, this was not happening. As I put the book down and focused on my healing things began to come together slowly. As you read the book you will see the deliverance I had out of exile and the rising of purpose which I am now living to tell the tale. The wait in itself was madness and probably insane, but what comes out of it is purpose,” declared McClure.

She added that though it is a Christian book, the godly principles are applicable to everyone. The book will be launched February 9 at Fontana Pharmacy in Barbican, St Andrew.