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Sound Clash Queen DJ Naz - DJ Naz wins first Guinness Sounds of Greatness clash

Published:Thursday | June 13, 2019 | 12:00 AMKimberley Small/Staff Reporter
Dj Naz hopes to get more female into the industry.
Dj Naz

“Everywhere I go now in the streets, they say ‘DJ Naz! Sound killa!’” a very elated DJ Naz told The Gleaner. She won the first matchup in this year’s season of Guinness Sounds of Greatness, held recently in Ocho Rios. The victory has left the DJ riding high on the renewed attention.

DJ Naz (real name Nazaria Davis), is no stranger to the scene, with past gigs as a host on RE TV, and from having her name and image plastered on the flyers for a few parties in the past. But being familiar is not the same as being popular or ‘in demand,’ and that has been the struggle for DJ Naz, who hopes for a momentary uptick in bookings following her conquering the first leg of the six-week competition.

“My name has been on one flyer from the year start,” she told The Gleaner.

As she prepares to take on her all-male counterparts in the upcoming finals, she is looking for another win. To that end, she intends to widen the platform for female disc jockeys across the island, by showing them what is possible. She was confident going into her matchup, telling The Gleaner, “ A dun we come fi dun sound.” As a DJ, the favourite part of her job is a clash- an experience she enjoys. “‘Mi like clash.”

Started as an engineer

While running an online store, and as a single mother raising her two children, DJ Naz tries to make her living at the turntables. “I love music. I started as an engineer, but that took away from the business. As a parent, I take this as a business. Some people don’t have to worry about certain things for their business. They don’t have to worry about buying laptops and equipment,” she reasoned, but that is something she has to think about.

Without any attachments or affiliations to any labels or music groups, she admits that attracting steady work is difficult. “The name and popularity is there, but if you’re not in a circle or have certain people ah push you, it’s hard. People want you for little and nothing, or free. I’m not the only one not getting a lot of work, but I can’t blame the promoters. People are afraid to take a chance – they only come when you hot. Most people take the chance and book me.”

Outside of what she wants to achieve for herself, DJ Naz adds, “I would love to open doors for more females getting work – most of those getting work are under establishments, like a radio station. But in the streets, it’s hard to prove yourself over and over.”

She hopes her renewed notoriety blossoms beyond the Guinness Sounds of Greatness competition - possibly into the international sphere. “I’ve tried, but mi nuh know the right way. I need someone who wants a female to work with. Because it works when you go international.”

DJ Naz will join the other finalists - Natural Vibes, Real Money, Shadrock Sound and Unruly Stumpy (wildcard) at the finals on June 28 at the Red Stripe Oval. The final sound entering the finals will be decided next Friday on the final leg of the contest in Morant Bay.