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Saucy corporate endorsement for Kemar Highcon

Published:Wednesday | July 10, 2019 | 12:00 AMSade Gardner/Gleaner Writer

Kemar Highcon’s sauce seems to contain the perfect ingredients for corporate outfits Digicel and Pizza Hut, as he is now their latest ambassador. A remake of his breakout single, So Saucy, serves as the jingle for Pizza Hut’s Pepperoni Cheesy Bites promotion, and he is also the face of Digicel’s Saucy Summa promotion. Highcon revealed how he landed the major endorsements.

“Both reached out to me based on my exposure. Pizza Hut got So Saucy which is my first single, and Digicel took Talk Bout, and we decided to partner up because of how well the singles are doing worldwide,” he told The Gleaner. “The response has been different in the couple days ’cause before these endorsements, nobody could match a face wid the name so I have to big up Pizza Hut and Digicel for that. It started in the papers and they are working on some digital billboards, TV commercials and stuff like that.”

Though the feat may come as a surprise for some, those following the artiste’s career have been overwhelming his social media with congratulatory messages.

Since embarking on a music career in 2013, Highcon has been pretty consistent in attending almost every event you can think of, decked out in the most ­fashionable apparel, as if he were seconds away from taking the main stage. Instead, the artiste said he was getting his name out there to whomever would listen. His perseverance, paired with a palatable catalogue, is paying off.


“Like any other young artiste, I still have to network and try and mek the connections, so not because I carry myself a certain way means people will automatically want to talk to me and get to know me,” he said. “Instead of being at home at nights, I have to go out and make sure I connect with the people, because at the end of the day, as part of our culture, dancehall is the street party dem every night. The same street party people are the ones to spread your songs worldwide, so for me, going to every event was part of my networking strategy.”

Though So Saucy was released last October, the Trackstarr-produced record is enjoying a fair shelf life, which Highcon ­attributed to its relatable nature.

“It’s something people can be a part of, everybody feel like dem saucy,” he said. Saucy is a mood forever; you get up every day you want to feel and look good, even if you wake up sick. It’s a whole vibe, so I guess that’s why it has lasted so long, and I feel like it will be a song that will never die. The music video was recently released and the response has been good.”