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‘Chune een…’ Ochi entertainers reaching the world, live via Facebook

Published:Monday | April 13, 2020 | 12:00 AMCarl Gilchrist/Gleaner Writer
Bernard ‘Jigsy’ Fagan
Selector, Mixmaster Ovadose

SEVERAL ENTERTAINERS in St Ann have taken to Facebook to entertain their fans as the lockdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic continues to impact social life.

And, like in so many other areas of life, the live-via-Facebook experience has brought new fans for these entertainers.

One of the parish’s top selectors, Mixmaster Ovadose, actually started his Facebook live sessions a long time ago as he sought ways to get new fans and promote his newly built sound system, Relevant Unit.

The onset of COVID-19, however, has seen an increase in his fan base, especially from overseas.

“Mi a get in more views, the things just a spread more, like more people tune in because mi a get almost 800 people live a watch it every weekend. Is a good look,” Ovadose told The Gleaner.

Going by the link Ovadose Lynx on Facebook, Ovadose plays every Saturday night from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m..

“Every Saturday from nine to 11, non-stop energy. Mi play every genre; Afrobeat, hip hop, reggae, dancehall, soca. People from all over the world, almost every country, a tune in because people just a share mi page. People call me every day, waa mi go live every day, but a just one time a week,” he added.

While the new rules have cancelled several of his engagements leading to a downturn in income, Ovadose said he manages to make some money from contributions from adoring fans across the planet.

“Some people send money, dem just like the energy an’ say, yow youth, gimme yuh name, we a go sen’ yuh some money because yuh bad!”

He is also getting a few local sponsors for his Saturday night live party.


And despite the coronavirus pandemic, bookings are still coming in for up to next year for the selector.

Ovadose said the pandemic is a blow for entertainers, many of whom are have lost considerable amounts due to cancelled events.

“This is a shake-up fi every body because we nuh know wha a go happen when the COVID thing done and the coronavirus gone. We nuh know what the new rules gonna be an’ wha a go happen. We jus haffi wait and see.”

Meanwhile, leader of Heat Band, Bernard “Jigsy” Fagan, who has been performing on cruise ships since lately, hosts ‘Me and my Acoustic Live, Unplugged Style’ every Tuesday night between 9 p.m. and 11 p.m.

On the show, he plays acoustic guitar and sings, with his repertoire dependent on the request by fans.

“I’m on every Tuesday, but some of my fans request it on weekends, so if dem request it, mi dweet. I perform for 45 minutes, then break, and then do a next half-hour,” Jigsy explained.

He said his audience is from “all over the world” and includes fans “from South Africa to Japan to China to the whole a di states dem in America, Europe, Jamaica, everywhere.”

“I give them a variety of music. People request songs an’ mi play fi dem. Mi give dem everything. When Kenny Rogers died, I did a tribute to Kenny Rogers. The response always good. People always telling me not to end, they want more,” Jigsy explained.

“I’m just coming off the ship, and I have fans who linked me and say they used to love hear me and they miss me and all these things. So the thought just come to me, why not go live? Live, straight from my bedroom!”

Jigsy said during his performances he always takes the time to encourage fans to observe the rules regarding how to treat with the coronavirus, such as the washing of hands and maintaining social distance.