Sun | Dec 3, 2023

New carnival band Yard Mas to be launched

Welcoming all Xaymacans

Published:Thursday | December 1, 2022 | 9:39 PM
Xaymaca International  masqueraders participate in the April 2019 carnival road march.
Xaymaca International masqueraders participate in the April 2019 carnival road march.

Five Jamaican brands, namely I Love Soca, Fete Republic, Broadtail, CS and Zarmak Ltd have joined forces to launch the newest carnival band, Yard Mas, which is scheduled to be launched in January. The announcement was made a short while ago.

Yard Mas is also welcoming "all Xaymacans with proof of payment to [its] newest mas band with the credited amount that they deposited or paid in full for the Carnival in Jamaica experience in 2020".

Richard Spence, acting CEO of Xaymaca, announced the band's partnership with Yard Mas in a social media post and emailer, however, Xaymaca is not numbered among the big 5.

"For Carnival in Jamaica 2023, Xaymaca International will collaborate with Yard Mas Carnival as a section leader and all previously registered masqueraders for the Carnival in Jamaica experience in 2020 may have their payments credited to our section," Spence wrote.

This week, former Xaymaca International Director Kandi King told masqueraders in a social media post that she is advocating for people who registered with the band for the 2020 carnival season. She explained that part of her advocacy was for the settlement of accounts, but that she was unable to offer any further information on the band’s current position.

“Unfortunately, I am not able to give any further comments, but please understand that things are happening in the background, and I will release a statement with full transparency when the time is right. This is an unfortunate turn of events, and I am advocating for the fair settlement of accounts for all masqueraders.”

In the social media post, King also shared that she indicated to the board her intentions to exit the company due to irreconcilable differences in January 2022.

“Since then, I have had no involvement with the day-to-day or strategic management of Xaymaca International as I have been negotiating my exit and possible options for the continuation of the band. It is my understanding that all decisions and day-to-day activities were being undertaken by Mr Andrew Bellamy (up until his resignation), followed by Mr Richard Spence (the current acting CEO),” she said.

Yard Mas, according to its announcement, "guarantees an authentic, inclusive, Jamaican Carnival experience epitomised by the energy that 'yaad' (Jamaica) is known for, while seamlessly infusing the infectious rhythms of the Caribbean islands".