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Five Questions With Rushane ‘RushCam’ Campbell

Published:Friday | May 26, 2023 | 12:48 AMAaliyah Cunningham/Gleaner Writer
 Rushane ‘Rush Cam’ Campbell
Rushane ‘Rush Cam’ Campbell
 Rushane ‘Rush Cam’ Campbell
Rushane ‘Rush Cam’ Campbell

Lawyer-turned-content creator and reality series host Rushane ‘RushCam’ Campbell is usually telling others to ‘pack up’. This week he sits with Five Questions to unpack a little about his style and experiences as the returning host of The Social House. Always ready to drop nuggets of advice and give his viewers a bellyful of laughs by just being his most authentic self, RushCam has become one of Jamaica’s most popular faces in the world of local influencers. He shares a little about carving his own style and embracing it to the fullest, as well as the impact of The Social House on the content creation space in Jamaica.

1. You have been stepping out of the box with your style. Talk to us about what informs your personal style.

On a regular daily basis, its about just self-expression. What do I feel like today? What mood am I in? Do I feel Renaissance? Do I feel Dua Lipa? Do I feel Harry Styles? What kind of vibe is it? Is it black magic? We usually go for the vibe and the mood and the energy.

2. What makes you feel confident and comfortable in what you choose to wear?

Most time I put on the outfit, and I like it and by the time I leave the house, mi a say “mi nuh sure enuh, mi nuh sure” and then I say “Alright Rush, if not you then who?” That is my motto with the clothes. So I just try my best, look past the stares and just keep it pushing and you know what? The girls who get it, get it and the girls who don’t, don’t. And if you don’t get it, then you are just not that girl.

3. What was it like hosting this season of the competition? Tell us the highlights.

You know what, I really enjoyed interacting with the contestants. We had a weird dynamic and relationship where they were like “every time we see Rush, it is going to be something stressful”. As fellow content creators, it was good getting to interact with them, especially Tons whom I knew before, but got to know now on this intimate level. It was really great. The highlight for me was definitely the first episode with the frogs and cockroaches and so on and the cooking challenge. So fun.

4. What direction would you want to see season three of ‘The Social House’ go in?

If I were doing a season three, I would do veterans vs newbies or I would do influencers vs non-content creators.

5. T alk to us about the impact that a series like ‘The Social House’ has on the space of content creation in the Jamaican creative space?

What I love about the show is that it allows or provides opportunity for those who may have an untapped audience. For example, a Yaad Man Etan, who has such a high percentage of [the] US audience or Ton Travels, who is an emerging content creator. It gives them an opportunity to sort of reach places that would not have typically reached or even so quickly. What else I like about the show is that it [provides] wholesome fun and engaging content from Jamaica.