Mon | Nov 29, 2021
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World’s first flying car ready for takeoff

Published:Wednesday | February 17, 2021 | 2:27 PMBANG Bizarre

The world's first flying car has been approved for take-off.

The Terrafugia Transition 'roadable aircraft' has been granted an airworthiness certificate from the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) that allows it to take to the skies ahead of its planned release in 2022.

Pilots are currently able to buy an air-only model that runs off both car and plane fuel should they wish to take the vehicle for a spin.

Kevin Colburn, general manager of Terrafugia, said: "Our team remained focused, improved our quality system, completed the critical aspects of the design, built the vehicle, completed 80 days of flight testing, delivered 150 technical documents and successfully passed the FAA audit.

"This is a major accomplishment that builds momentum in executing our mission to deliver the world's first practical flying car."