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Stranger Than Fiction

Study shows mobile phones are making men infertile

Published:Wednesday | January 26, 2022 | 7:57 PMA Digital Integration & Marketing production, BANG Bizarre

Mobile phones are being blamed for reduced sperm count and quality in a new analysis by South Korean experts.

The link has been identified from an analysis of 18 studies, involving more than 4,000 sperm samples, with scientists claiming that the electromagnetic waves damage sperm.

Lead researcher Dr Yun Hak Kim from Pusan National University said:

"Male cell phone users should strive to reduce mobile phone use to protect their sperm quality. "Additional studies will be needed to determine the effect of exposure to electromagnetic waves emitted from new mobile phone models in the present digital environment."

However, sperm expert Allan Pacey - from Sheffield University - questioned the conclusions made in the study.

He said: "Modern life isn't necessarily good for the sperm, but it's unclear whether mobile phones are to blame. This study doesn't add much clarity to the debate, which has been going on for ten years. It's an unresolved question. But if men are worried, they should keep their phone in their bags."

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