Fri | Sep 22, 2023
Stranger Than Fiction

Drinking two cups of tea per day protects the memory

Published:Thursday | June 1, 2023 | 8:02 AMBANG Bizarre

Experts have found that naturally occurring chemicals in tea, called flavanols, increase brain power and aid recall with the effect the same regardless of whether the tea is taken black or white.

Scientists reached the conclusion after analysing how flavanols – which are also found in apples and berries - impacted the memory of more than 3,500 healthy over-60s.

One group took 500mg a day while the other had a placebo and both were given word recall tasks to test their memory during the three-year study.

Final scores in the flavanol group were 10.5 per cent better on average.

Professor Gunter Kuhnle, of the University of Reading, described tea drinking as the "easiest way" to boost flavanol intake.

He said: "Two cups will provide enough for many people.

"If you do drink tea, it doesn't really matter if you want to have milk - it does not affect the uptake of flavanols."


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