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Trimming your natural hair

Published:Monday | November 10, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Many persons believe that trimming is specifically for relaxed hair, but naturals need to trim their hair at regular intervals, as well, as damage from split ends is a reality for naturalistas as much as it is for women with relaxed hair. When done correctly, trimming can actually aid in achieving considerable length. However, trimming natural hair can be a bit of a challenge, based on the curly/coily texture and the difficulty in seeing the actual length of the hair due to shrinkage. But we've got the lowdown on trimming natural hair.

First, how does a naturalista determine whether her natural tresses need a trim? Audrey Davis- Sivasothy, black hair expert says the telltale signs that your natural hair needs trimming is when the ends becomes excessively frizzy, dry and sometimes straighter (sometimes resulting from heat damage). Additionally, your natural hair needs a trim once it becomes easier to snag and tangle.

Once you identify these signs, there are some steps to go about trimming your natural hair.

Contrary to what most persons think, natural hair does not have to be straightened for a trim as having even ends is not the main goal as it is with relaxed hair.

What you need:

Sharp pair of hair shears (available at any beauty store or pharmacy)


1. Shampoo and condition hair.

2. Style the hair in several braids or large two-strand twists.

3. Air dry hair or use low-heat to dry.

4. Trim the very tips (1/4 inch or less) from each twisted section.

5. Also trim any longer hairs on each twisted section that do not fit readily into the bulk of the twist, or hairs that taper off.

6. Trim every six to eight weeks or as needed.

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