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Tresha Cole: The beauty behind Beach Goddess Swimwear

Published:Friday | July 10, 2015 | 11:37 AM
A coral-colour Thalia.
A black and gold Freya.
Beach Goddess designer, Tresha Cole (left), talking to Gary Matalon and Yaneek Page during a recording of ‘The Innovators’.
A red Venus from the Aphrodite collection.
A Maia piece from the Hebe collection.
Designer of Beach Goddess Swimwear, Tresha Cole.
An Indunn piece from the Beach Goddess collection.
Tresha Cole (left) poses for a photo op with one of her models in her collection during Caribbean Fasionweek.

Driven by her passion to pursue her dream of becoming a fashion designer, single mother Tresha Cole quit her day job as an optical dispenser and repudiated her acceptance to study computer science at the University of Technology.

"I have a deep love and passion for fashion and my heart and soul are really into it," Cole confessed in a recent interview with Flair.

Copping first place in the 2015 Caribbean Fashionweek (CFW) emerging designer's competition, Tresha Cole is determined to make Beach Goddess a top swimwear brand locally and internationally.

With a mixture of Aphrodite and Hebe influences, her collection contains edgy, exciting, sexy, pieces. Cole notes that she is always thinking of ways to improve her products. "My aim is to create beautiful and versatile swimwear that complements any figure, while maintaining confidence and comfort for the most edgy to the most subtle consumers," Cole explained.

It was not an easy road, but Cole noted that if she had to live her life all over again, she would not change anything because those experiences have moulded her into the woman she is today. "My rough, but adventurous journey has taught me many lessons and gave me first-hand life experiences," she admits.


Teenage Pregnancy


Though born in Kingston, Cole grew up with her siblings and parents in a small district called Victoria, in Clarendon.

She described her childhood experience as rough but exciting. While a student at the Denbigh Comprehensive High, in 1999 she became pregnant in fifth form.

After giving birth, she relocated to Kingston and enrolled in the Duff's Business College at the age of 17 where she received her diploma in accounting management. She later did a course in personal computer mechanics and A+ certification, customer service certification, massage and spa therapy; and fashion design from the Jamaica Business Development Corporation.


Still recovering


Today, Cole is currently recovering from a terrible car accident she had in 2004, which interfered with her studies and resulted in memory loss. "Even today I still experience severe headaches - I can't work or do anything, but I still push through," Cole explained.

Cole has finally found her passion and is determined to make her dream a success, "I know that Beach Goddess swimwear will be one of the top swimwear brands internationally because this is my dream, my passion, my life, my baby that I've been moulding for years and I won't stop until I get there, and when I get to the top, I'm going to keep it there," Cole confessed.

Cole is already on her way. Having won the emerging designer competition sponsored by Campari, Cole was able to have her designs shown at a major fashion show. She is also a contestant on the entrepreneurs reality show The Innovators where she is being guided by a mentor on how to grow her business and weather the storm as an entrepreneur.

Today, she is a firm believer that: "You can still achieve your goals once you put your heart to it; just get up, brush off, try to find something you're good at that can turn into a career and go for it," Cole concluded.

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