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Private Pet

Published:Thursday | November 3, 2016 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson


I know what you're thinking: this is a spin on teacher's pet. Well, this is no classroom, but we are giving you a lesson on what takes place in the bedroom, and the naming of body parts.

Relationship Specialist and Sexologist Dr Sidney McGill explained to Flair that your private member is like a pet, and because you love your pet and your pet gives you pleasure, you tend to give your body parts a special name.

Why do people do it, you might ask? Well, it works the way that you want it to work - it develops it's own personality so to speak, and becomes your friend, or in the sense of naming your partner's body parts - your best friends. "Naming your member shows endearment because it means you love and value yourself: it's really a friendship thing," added Dr McGill. "I would encourage it too because if people are going to learn to have good sex, then you should give it a name, so you can feel good about you, your sex and your partner," he added.

With that in mind, we asked a few readers - what names they give to their private parts and why. Here is what they had to say:

I call mine Vajajay. I don't even know when I started using that name, it must've been from one of my favourite reality shows, but I thought it was cute to say of my cute little area.

-T. A., 30, female.

I call him Chocolate because my girlfriend is always going on about how he's sweet. T.F., 25, male.

My boyfriend named mine Pringle. I guess once I pop, the fun doesn't stop. And his is called Peng, short for Pengeleng he named it. So, Pringles and Peng are always having a great time together. S.F., 28, female.

I call him Damager or Big Black Banana Boat. K.M., 27, male.

There are many pet names for her, depending on the mood. So there's shun shun, shunny, pokychobes, but her proper pet name is Pudding, because it is so easy to have a discussions about her in public without anyone knowing, or without it sounding offensive. So, I would say things like, "Pudding nice, don't it? Tasty too." Or "Do you want some pudding? You're not feeling for any pudding?" Or, "I have some pudding to give you," and my partner would know exactly what I'd be talking about, but no one else. K.B, 33, female.

Well, my wife's name for it is Johnny. I don't think there was any specific reason: she just called him Johnny and that was it. L.M., 34, male

I call it cookie because I like when he makes it crumble *wink wink* J.L., 29, female.

Bruiser is his name because when it touches her, it only bruises. R.C., 31, male.

Her name is Brianna because the name means God's greatest gift and that's the greatest gift God has ever given to me. A.A., 29, female.

He has had several names over the years. One time his name was Tigga, (from Winnie the Pooh) because the girls were always bouncing on it. Then I started calling him Crazy Glue because when a girl would meet it, she becomes stuck. But in recent time, I've been calling him the Undertaker, because whenever a girl goes aboard that ship, she meets her maker. D.R., 30, male.

I named my boyfriend's pet from his middle name: Joseph. And it's most fitting since Joseph means May Jehovah add or increase and boy, did he! S.T., 26, female.