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Kelly's World | Teaching is great, just not for me

Published:Wednesday | April 26, 2017 | 12:00 AM

There are some jobs you couldn't pay me to do, and teaching is one of them.

Mind you, the older one gets, it's the more knowledge (we hope) one would have gained just from being on the planet longer than others.

So by your stories and experiences, you may very well be able to teach younger relatives, friends, acquaintances, and co-workers a few things about this Rubik's Cube we call life.

But to teach in the regulated, classroom setting as prescribed by various ministries and boards of education? No sah, couldn't do it that way.




First of all, I have very little patience. My math teachers in high school all deserve medals of honour for trying to help this cement block brain to understand the subject.

I'm not like Stephen Francis, who will work with the athletes who didn't excel in high school. No, gimme di one dem who a star already, because I don't know if I can bring a child from struggling to superstar.

Second thing, I have temper issues. So any pickney who gi me problem a get box dung like me name Floyd Mayweather.

And based on the stories I've heard about these children nowadays, there is zero way I would enter the ring, er I mean classroom.

I remember I had to oversee detention of a ninth grade class one day when I was in sixth form. "Just sit with them for a couple of hours", I was told.

Well, the two or so hours I had to just keep those children felt like punishment. So imagine me actually teaching different classes a particular subject area?

The principal and the school board would have been drinking some serious bootleg liquor to hire me.

Add to that I would have to do all the other intricacies of the job like lesson planning. I can't even plan my own dinner!

Teaching is a calling. I've heard of teachers, especially at the primary level, who never took vacation leave because every year a new set of parents wanted them to guide their children through the then Common Entrance exams and now the Grade Six Achievement Test.

What amazes me about today's crop of teachers, especially at the early childhood level, is that so many of them have access to teaching aides their predecessors could only imagine.

I'm told of schools in the rural areas back in the day where there was no blackboard much less a whiteboard, where there was no chalk much less markers, and the students had to learn using tools modern children just wouldn't understand.

And yet, our parents and their brothers and sisters somehow not only learned, they did better than those who went to 'proper' schools for their early education.

But again, those teachers saw the profession as a calling and they had a special knack for working with little ones.

Whether little ones, big ones or medium-sized ones, I know I can't do it, so I ain't even trying.

Weird enough, I have been told more than once that I would make a good literature teacher. Well I guess we'll never find out.

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