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The debonair MC

Published:Thursday | July 27, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Ryan Dixon
Ryan Dixon
Ryan Dixon

On that special day when two hearts become one, Ryan Dixon makes the reception one to remember with his wit and charm.

Dixon did not plan on being a wedding MC but found it to be a fitting profession because of his love for communication, comedy, fashion, and the comfort and ease with which he engages an audience.

Having a natural charm and jovial personality and being able to share this is one of the things he loves most about his job.

"I offer comical relief that is healthy for the human mind, body, and soul. If there is ever a person sitting before me who is sad, stressed, or depressed, I know that, for however long I have their attention, and have them laughing, is a period in which they are not thinking about why they are sad, stressed, or depressed," he told Flair.

With a bit of a bias, he admits to loving the wedding reception more than the actual ceremony. As this is the actual celebration of the union. However, if he was to select one part that he loved more than all, it would be the toasting segment. There is nothing better than a good toast that speaks well of the characters being toasted with a comedic element, to Dixon.




He has hopes of becoming a radio personality. This is where he would get to share his talent and insight with the world. Being already certified in public speaking and radio presentation, Dixon hopes to be known and recognised internationally as one of Jamaica's finest.

While Dixon does his job as an MC, he does it with his own personal style. One he describes with three words.

"Classy, clean and fitted, relevant - what is trendy, but appropriate for me and edgy. (I like to) take risks, and try new things," Dixon said of his style.

He has managed to keep a clean, unique style to complement his type A personality. He also does this to stay relevant and he has to admit looking neat with a bit of edge is his trademark. If young men are trying to define their sense of style he implores them to study the art of fashion. He believes that if one finds men who are similar to them, they can help with defining or fine tuning their style.

When it comes to grooming here are five tips that mister debonair has for you:

1. Fashion is an art, and you have to study it if you want to master it. Anything you want to be good at requires time and energy.

2. Being fashionable does not always have to be expensive. Spend on the time that it takes to get it right, it will then become easy.

3. Pay attention to details. The saying is, 'the devil is in the details'. The best fashion depends on the success of the smallest detail.

4. Know your size, in shirts paying keen attention to the shirt collar and sleeve length. In your pants - waist and length and for your shoes keep them clean, always.

5. Keep yourself groomed. There is nothing wrong in getting a Manly-Cure (manicure) and Pet-the-toe (pedicure) frequently.