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DIY Jo: Cleansing with Zimii

Published:Thursday | September 20, 2018 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence
Zimii Hair Products
Zimii Hair Products
Zimii Hair Products

This week, I am exploring the wonderful world of Zimii. It is a local brand that was designed not only to provide quality haircare for 'naturalistas' but also to provide meaningful employment for locals.

I tried the detangling shampoo, the ultra-moisturising conditioner and the thermal sheen booster. The shampoo was light, which was good. It is also sulphate free, which is great for all hair types. It by itself did not give me enough slip to detangle but as for cleansing without stripping my hair, it was good. So it got a bonus point for not stripping colour-treated hair.

The conditioner was my favourite thing to use. This was absolutely amazing in my hair. The smell was great. The moisture was definitely, there and although it didn't describe itself as a detangler, it did detangle my hair. In fact, I saw my natural curls appear without any manipulation. After combing my hair through using a wide-tooth shampoo comb, I added a little more conditioner just to have the curls snapback.

The booster which could be used for a leave in gave my hair some sheen, but I can say that it is not for natural hair. One can use it only if you are going to blow-dry your hair but for a wash and go or twist out you will definitely need something thicker. But for processed hair women, it is perfect. Protects your hair from heat and it will not weigh it down. Giving processed hair exactly what it needs.

All in all, the brand is a good one. The shampoo gets three for detangling but I will add an extra one because though it thoroughly cleanses it does not affect colour applied to the hair. So four for me, the conditioner is golden five out of five. Zimii doesn't have styling products so I used the same butter from the week before and the same method, but my wash and go was even more defined. And I believe it started from the wash because my method was the same. Only change was the Zimii Booster. It gave great sheen but just was not thick enough for my hair.