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New year, fresh face with Enhance U

Published:Friday | January 4, 2019 | 12:00 AMLatara Boodie
Women Day and Night look.
Women Day and Night look.
Women Day and Night look.
Women Day and Night look.
Women Day and Night look.
Women Day and Night look.
Women Day and Night look.
Women Day and Night look.
Women Day and Night look.

After a whirlwind of parties filled with endless layers of foundation, concealer and an explosion of colours and glitter, it is time to reset and start fresh. January is the month of rebirth and calls for light, effortless and simple makeup which matches the youthfulness of Spring. Flair Magazine caught up with Seanna-Kay Stone owner of Enhance U who gave us some quick and easy tips for obtaining that "skin like" finish, which will leave you looking flawless in less than twenty minutes.


Step 1: Hydrate


For Stone, hydrating the skin is crucial because it promotes healthy skin. Before applying any make up ensure your skin has plenty to drink with a light creamy moisturizer. "I like using products from brands like Simple or Neutrogena because they always deliver good results," said Stone.


Step 2: Don't forget to prime


Imagine a concrete wall without primer. When you apply paint to it, every nook, cranny and crevice will be highlighted with minimal effort. A primer on the face ensures your make up smooth and flawless when completed.


Step 3: Brows on fleek


"The brows frame you're face so they need to be in shape," said Stone. Unfortunately majority of your time will be spent here while doing your make up. Using a dark BROWN (not black) pencil outline the natural shape of your brows. Unless you are a Nike ambassador, avoid creating an arch for yourself. Get the arch professionally done by beauty specialist. Keep your strokes light while filling in the brows then use a concealer to clean it up for a refined look. Watch Stone create the perfect natural brows on The Gleaner's YouTube page.


Step 4: Light foundation


Wearing a light foundation decreases the chance of looking extra "cakey". Remember the aim is to look effortless flawless, not baked. "I like using maybelline stay matt foundation because it gives full coverage with minimal product," explained Stone.


Step 5: Neutral eyelids


Adding natural, earth tone eyeshadow enhances the eyes with subtle hues.


Step 6: Powder, blush, and set


Using a loose powder, add the finishing touch to your face by lightly dusting. Apply a neutral blush and voila, set it all with setting spray to keep everything in place.

To transition from day to night, add a little black to the crease of your eyeshadow and revamp the look with a brighter lipstick instead of a simple nude/ lip gloss.

In just two years, Stone has built a reputable freelance makeup service that is currently making headway throughout social media. Through sensational bridal makeup and over the top carnival looks, she executes glamorous transitions fit for every occasion.

For more information visit @enhanceu on Instagram.