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A Moment In ‘Her-story’ with Naomi Cowan

Published:Monday | February 18, 2019 | 12:00 AM
Naomi Cowan


“Reggae means legacy. It’s more spiritual than people realise.” Bringing sass and spice to the stage in fabulous fashion, this sweetheart has been on heavy rotation over the airwaves with her hit single, Paradise Plum. Reggae month is still in full swing. So for the love of transcendent, life changing music, Flair Magazine has decided to put another songbird in the spotlight. Let’s go behind the scenes with singing sensation, Naomi Cowan.


“Music was something that I have always loved, because I’m born as a result of it. It is naturally embedded in my DNA. I have seen videos online where my mom was pregnant and she was on tour with me, so I wouldn’t say that it developed, it has forever been with me,” Cowan explained.


Leaving her full time job in Toronto, Canada, she moved back in Jamaica, starting all over. Armed with the innate skill from musical parents Carlene Davis and Tommy Cowan, she took her knowledge learned from the business and applied it to an exciting career.


Motivated by positive impact, she makes every effort to live her passion out loud.

“If I don’t give my talent the opportunity to flourish, I may go through life with 'what ifs' and wishes. My time on earth matters and it can matter in a big way if I’m brave enough to do what I love,” she added.


She sites lack of resources as the main obstacle she faces within the music industry. Some artistes, she says, start out with their own money, a label, or even an investor backing them. Cowan, is kicking down doors alongside her brother, who is her manager, with personal funds. Her song, Naked, means the world to her, reflecting her journey and how it makes her feel. And of course, Paradise Plum, spoke to her the moment she heard the beat and followed right through with a seamless process.


“The melody is catchy but this song brings you back to a time when love was simple, without all the noise of today.”


As far as the stage is concerned, Sumfest and a show in Brooklyn stood out the most for her.


“I love to share the stage with fellow female artistes, and performing with my mom is always magical.”


Fashion plays a huge role in her life daily. For her, dressing is a feeling: she will go form fitting today, then loosely sway in style tomorrow. Her on stage style has been described as ‘geek chic’, since she will mix feminine styles with sneakers but sometimes she will go all the way glam.


“I love to bring energy and heart to the stage - my most authentic self.”


With new singles on the horizon, her advice to aspiring artistes, is to always be on a path of improving and developing your craft and your individual life: don’t stop growing.

“Also, know your ‘why’: if you know the reason for your passion, that will be your driving force to keep going.”