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Fashion | Sabrina Reynolds - Humbly Articulating the Power of Style

Published:Monday | March 4, 2019 | 12:00 AMRocheda Bartley - Lifestyle Writer

“I’m always trying to be better than what I was yesterday, in terms of what I deliver to in the fashion arena. And I’m motivated by people and their love for innovation. Plus the material, I’ll look at the material and it will tell me what to do,” she told Flair. It may be difficult for one to eloquently articulate the power of style, but for bag designer Sabrina Reynolds it’s an effortless win and that’s what keeps her forging ahead.

The self taught designer is heralding the future of fashion with the much prized necessities She makes mostly for modish women but also men with a prevailing taste in sophistication. Although the humble doyenne has been setting unparallelled strides with unique leather pieces, she is yet to consider herself as a designer.

“I don’t feel like a designer because I haven’t had any formal training. It’s a title that I need to become more acceptive of because I realise that others are in love with what I do.”


Sabrina M. Reynolds is her brand and the demand is increasing daily. Sitting on a pedestal and acknowledging her glory in reverence she speaks of her growing fame. Her heart beats with every stitch she makes when creating her possessions. She describes the moment as transformational and serene. Still, she’s not the typical designer you’ll meet on a daily basis. This almost 41 year old dynamo wears other hats. Prior to her debut in the busy fashion arena and after making a speedy exit from the financial services industry, she started a plant nursery. And now she juggles both with motherhood, a she relishes.

“I surround my life around my daughter. I’m a hardworking and if you know me then you’ll certainly know that. However, I have to admit, it’s hard balancing everything, especially with having two micro businesses and marketing my creations. But I’ll stop at nothing to ensure that I am successful so, I use the internet as a backup and I’ll always reserve some family time,” she said.

As a people oriented soul she bubbles with generosity and stops at no limit to do good for others. Hailing out of Mona, St. Andrew with an indigent background enlivens a state of social conscience that she strives to satisfy. Especially during the festive season, Reynold ensures to brighten that faces of youngsters

“I know what it feels like to be poor. I think it is important to give back so and I always make a great effort to feed the homeless in downtown Kingston, visit a home or charity during Christmas. People helped when I needed assistance so I have to play my role,” she said.

Reynolds is the sole captain of her boat. This is certainly not to say she’s a selfish lass, but the hardworking being believes there’s no one perform her tasks as efficiently as she can. So, be it a sewing machine for her adorable pieces, a machete for her nursery or being a mom, she’s always ready to unleash her prowess and excel.