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Summery make-up trends

Published:Monday | June 3, 2019 | 12:17 AMJessica Harrison - Lifestyle Writer
‘No Makeup’ makeup look. Add some glossy lip tint and  just like that, a look.
‘No Makeup’ makeup look. Add some glossy lip tint and just like that, a look.

In the summer, the sun seems to come out at its brightest and blesses our skin with that radiant natural filter glow we love for our fun selfies. With all the prep for the long-awaited summer shenanigans, most things about your daily routine will start to switch up a bit, based on your location in the world. For the past three weeks, we have been seeing subtle changes in make-up trends on the local beauty scene and we figured that we would consult two of our local Instagram beauty gurus (@enhance_u and @beauchic_ja) to pool said trends and make this article your one-stop read so you, too, can jump on board.

Bronzed like the gods

Scrolling through Instagram or just being out for Sunday morning brunch, you might have noticed that most, if not all, women are looking dewy and rather kissed by the sun. How to get the look? Reach for champagne gold and metallic hues for blushes, eyeshadows, and bronzers. The key is to choose these hues based on your skin tone.

‘No make-up’ make-up look

So it’s a Saturday afternoon and you have errands to run and the plan is to meet up with the girls right after. This look is just for you. Get your concealer, and put it over the hyperpigmented areas of your skin, apply your lightweight foundation, and set with loose powder. Bronze up your temples, apply nude lip tint, brush your brows and hop out the house.


Rather than having to figure out which shades complement each other, beauty gurus are maintaining a simple make-up theme by sticking with one or two tones of the same colour. Pastels, toffee, and reds are perfect to begin with.

Fearless eyeliners

Black and brown eyeliners are classics, they match our hair, eyebrows, and skin tone, but if you’re going for the fun, fresh summer look, bold eyeliners are the way to go. Retro blue, bright fuchsia, and orange are just a few of the colours that go well with any skin tone and add an element of surprise to make you eyes pop. Skipping lipstick is also an option because your liner steals all the attention.

Vibrant mascara

Step out of your comfort zone and swing into a brighter, more vibrant you. Not sure if you can wear it well? Do you have eyelashes? If yes, you can. You get to be a bit lazy with this trend as you can opt out of wearing eyeshadow while still looking ‘beat’.

The high-shine look

The glossy make-up movement has heralded formulas for different make-up products that make this trend easy to wear for extended periods without causing you to feeling sticky, while it simultaneously slips and slides at the break of sweat. Do you have any day events lined up? Try this look.

These six beauty trends will have you fitting in or standing out this summer, depending on how you choose to rock these simple summery looks.