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Sweet Dreams: Starring another man

Published:Monday | November 11, 2019 | 12:14 AMKrysta Anderson - Gleaner Writer

Whether it is with a celebrity crush, one closer to home, a dear beloved or a complete stranger, you are probably familiar with engaging your subconscious in a sex dream at one point in your life. If you haven’t, then you’re missing out; keep dreaming (please). Daydreams are acceptable. These sex dreams often result in wet dreams, commonly experienced by men. But, let’s put the ladies in the hot seat for a quick minute. Have you ever found yourself in the world of fantasy with someone who wasn’t your leading man? Tara* did.

She told Flair of her recent plight. “I take a flight to visit my friend in another country,” she began. Jet-lagged, this tall and handsome drink of refreshing water was already there ready and waiting to take her on an unexpected adventure. He was no stranger. “He picks me up from the airport and says we’re going to a party. But I insist that we delay the social scene and instead, go back to his place to shower and get all pretty for the event,” the risk taker revealed.

He obliges, taking her there. Here comes trouble: because she is completely comfortable around him, she strips, laying all of her lady parts bare as his visual vantage point. He joins her in the bathroom and mesmerised by captivated eyes and brewing sexual tension, they decided to steam things up and have their way with each other right then and there in the shower. A flushed Tara jumps up from her slumber, hot, bothered, and wet as though she had really taken a bath.

Before conferring with her friend about the strange yet exciting dream, she went straight to the source, contacting her dreamy costar and sharing juicy details about their sultry encounter. While his response began from a place of concern, he quickly arrived at arousing destination, based on her new interests. He even informed her that he could fly her up if she desired more prodding. They took on a more serious tone and it was there that she revealed that the love zone of her life was far from a bed of roses. In fact, despite having a significant other, her bed was empty. And she reflected on a happier time. Never could she have imagined that it would have led to him.

When she shared that discovery with her friend Sophie, she confessed that she, too, had once travelled down the slippery road. Her exboyfriend had reemerged on the scene and she knew in her heart that this was not a good sign. Turbulence had disrupted the smooth sailing of her relationship and her once faithful ‘boo’ was already out the door. Frustrated, she turned to comfort and he took this as a window of opportunity to make her feel better. He wanted to talk because he, too, was on a rocking ship. Before she knew it, she was not just fantasizing but dreaming of her ex-lover. Swept up in the scent of his intoxicating cologne, stimulating conversation his sweet succulent, speaking ‘tongues’ in regions only a pro could know and laying pipe like an expert plumber. She awoke dazed by the epiphany – she was still not over him. Before she could cancel the meet, he was there waiting.

She confided in Tara, disclosing that she tried with all her might to remain composed. But she found herself distracted by his irresistible notes of his cologne. Would her sweet dream become a reality? She steered the conversation to their significant others, praying for a ‘reprieve’, but no luck. The talk felt like cruel punishment on both parts and he began to not only seek but give consolation as well. One thing led to another, and she was caught in his warm embrace. The stallion in him put his expertise on seductive display, despite his environment and Sophie blushed by his acts of chivalry. But she had to stop it. “How did you?” Tara asked. “I told him that if he loved me, truly loved me, then he would stop. He shouldn’t do something that we would both regret,” Sophie responded. Only then did he return to regular programming and take Sophie home. Upon her departure to her humble abode, he turned to her and said that he only stopped at her request, but noted that he needed to set the record straight: he could never regret anything they would ever share because he loved her.

She took her walk of shame, soggy from their encounter. “Wow, I’m proud of you,” Tara declared. But she wasn’t for long when the reveal came that she was swaddled in his sheets weeks later.

*Name changed upon request.