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Ways to brighten her day

Published:Monday | November 11, 2019 | 12:16 AMKrysta Anderson - Gleaner Writer

She has expressed disdain in the day’s proceedings and the clock hasn’t even struck midday as yet. Awful, right? Instead of solely seeking solutions for her issues (don’t get me wrong – it’s all well and good if you do) pull her heartstrings and tap into the deep regions of her soul by brightening her gloomy day. Here are a few ways to make it happen.

Send her a gift

If you’re tied up with work yourself, take her mind off her worries by sending her a gift. It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture, but if you go big, why not? Those roses, a gift basket, a bottle of spirits to lift her effervescent desposition, a sweet treat, or lunch may just be the pick-me-up she needs. Go for the bonus by throwing in a sweet sentimental note. You would be sure to win the grand prize later on. *wink*

Be the gift

Sometimes, the best distraction is you. Pop up for a lunch visit and engage her in light banter. Try to dissuade her from dwelling on the difficulties at hand and work your magic with a quick massage, head rub, a hug, maybe an enchanting kiss (ooooooohhhhh!). Or play doctor and prescribe conversations that will produce the best medicine of them all: laughter. Just present your oh-so-fine self to your lady love accompanied by a thoughtful token of appreciation and you might walk away with the jackpot: her heart.

Take back the night

So, she had a terrible day? Take back the night by suggesting an activity that you know she would love. It could be an evening out for drinks or desserts (or both), a romantic dinner for two, a night out dancing, a movie date, a walk in the park, a drive out just to get away, a cosy night in Netflix and chilling. The aim is not only to provide that relaxing environment but to be her comfort as well.

Plan a getaway

Maybe this struggle has spiralled from lasting just a day to prolonging for weeks, or even months. Rescue her from insanity by supplying an excursion of sorts. Unleash her inner Dora and explore culinary or other creatively luxurious desires.

Make the Call

Maybe in that hectic moment, she needs to talk to you. Instigate the call and calmly investigate. If she isn’t about the ‘confessing life’, then speak about other topics. If she is not about the chit chat, sit in silence for a bit – that helps in ways you wouldn’t even imagine. If she wants to spill the beans, let her. You can choose to be her sounding board or give sound advice, depending on her mood. You take a bad detour, turn back and start from the beginning. You’re providing a safe haven for her.

Text is best

She might be unable to voice her opinion (that may be the problem to begin with) out loud so it would be best to text. If she is having doubts, particularly about herself and her abilities, now is the time to shower her with compliments and remind her of the true value of her worth. She will be back to ‘queening’ in no time.

Seventh Heaven

I saved the best for last. People are generally of the view that this specific remedy only applies to men. But some women, (not all, some) just need the right release to realign, revitalise, and rejuvenate their spirit. So fellas, why not be ‘fruitful’ and give her your banana? (It’s a surefire win-win – OK, OK, I’m done now.)