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Flair fashionary

Published:Monday | November 18, 2019 | 12:18 AMDanik Frazer - Lifestyle Writer

Last time, we looked at the first five words of your new fashion vocabulary, and this week, we have five more to get through. You’ll recognise that all of these, one way or another, may flash you back to your youth. In some instances, you might have wished you didn’t have to know some of these terms. Let’s get into it!


No, this isn’t some Jamaicanism your aunt made up to describe your little modesty jacket (because, let’s be honest, you only ever wore it to church). A bolero is actually the name of the short open-front jacket that seems to only have short sleeves and no other defining features.

Box Pleats:

Trigger warning! Remember the good old days when you had to learn how to iron in box pleats on your uniforms and you hated those sharp edges? Well, just by knowing what they are, you’re ahead of the game! The box pleat is exactly what it sounds like, a pleat – or fold – that forms panels on a garment.

Cap Sleeve:

These are the short sleeves that form a small cap over your shoulder, as the name suggests. You may find these on T-shirts, dresses, and blouses, maybe even some jackets. The sleeve may be loosely flowing or close-fitting, depending on the style of the garment it’s attached to.

Capsule Collection:

Every woman needs a capsule collection, which is essentially the most important pieces from a collection of clothes. Capsule collections work to streamline your wardrobe and elevate your style, creating for you a sort of uniformed look which is your definitive style. With a capsule collection, anyone who sees you will know immediately on sight what your personal style is. This type of garment curation was actually popularised in the 1980s by Donna Karan.

Cowl Neckline:

You’ve seen them before, the neckline which drapes low and folds below the collarbone around the neckline. Cowl necklines are meant to flatter the body, particularly the neck by emphasising the collarbones and creating a sort of framing so one can show off jewellery or just your very exquisite neck.