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The Indian-Jamaican Delights of Homar's

Published:Wednesday | October 21, 2015 | 12:00 AMRandy Bowman
Gladstone Taylor/Photographer Managing director Howard Ottey takes Randy Bowman's order at his restaurant Homar's Roti and Grill.
The healthy and tasty vege special.
Head thrown back, Howard Ottey is amused by a statement made by Randy Bowman during a little chit-chat before lunch.
Fresh from the tawa, Randy bites into a hot roti, much to the amusment of the Otteys.
Hmm, good! Now that’s how you enjoy curried goat and roti!
Gladstone Taylor/Photographer A healthy, nutritous dish of curried goat, curried chicken, pumpkin rice, roti and vegatables.
If you have a ‘healthy’ appetite like Randy Bowman’s, you will make space for the curry goat wrap and refreshing stout milkshake. Below: A healthy, nutritous dish of curried goat, curried chicken, pumpkin rice, roti, and vegatables.
Indian cuisine is not complete without roti, and Randy made sure to wrap her curried goat.
Right: Rasheed Callaghan works his magic on the tawa while making fresh roti.

When Howard Ottey got married to Marcia more than 28 years ago, their union not only joined two families, but fused two unique cultures that 10 years later led to the creation of Homar's Roti and Grill.

Currently located on the outskirts of May Pen, Clarendon, Homar's Roti and Grill offers scrumptious, healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner to any and everyone in search of some 'soul food'.

But it didn't all start there. In the summer of 1999, five days a week, they would cook and pack the back of their car with pots of curried goat, curried chicken, roti, mannish water, and natural juices. Within six months, they had to start looking for a more commercial space. And as they say, the rest is history. They now occupy their own commercial property, where they are able to provide diners with a comfortable place to eat way above the local standard.

Enough about their history. Let's talk food! When The Gleaner's Eat Around Jamaica team stopped at the eatery for the freshly prepared Indian cuisine with a Jamaican twist, the courteous welcome from the members of staff was warmly received. The menu seemed endless, so whether you are a novice or an avid lover of Indian cuisine, there is definitely something available to tantalise your taste buds.

Made with love and a blend of fresh seasonings, you can't help but smell the wide array of sweet aromas upon entry.

The proof is in the flavour, so naturally, I had to savour a few items, starting with the ram goat soup (mannish water) that I was having for the first time. I had always avoided it because of all the horror stories I had heard. Mr Ottey immediately said "that's sad" and quickly assured me that all the ingredients used were safe for consumption.

He wasn't lying. The mannish water was quite delicious. While I waited, I made a "strange request," according to Mr Ottey. I wanted to see how they made their roti. He obliged. Marcia Ottey, Howard's second half, gave me a crash course, tour, and you guessed it, a taste.

All that walking and talking made me hungry. I was ready for the main course. Contrary to the dish before, I love curried goat and I was dying to try it. The plate was loaded and the mannish water had opened my larger-than-life appetite.

The curried goat and chicken were perfect - not too spicy or bland and good to the very last bite. The vege special, pumpkin rice, and garden vegetables were the perfect complement. Amazing, I tell you! And though I am not hypertensive, I try to limit my salt intake, and this food was just right for my diet. I did not feel guilty after emptying the plate.

To cool things down on the hot day, a stout milkshake was for dessert, and man, it was orgasmic! It felt so good going down the thought makes me salivate even now. Topped with whipped cream and cherry, lunch was decadent!

Homar's Roti and Grill is open Sunday to Friday at 7:30 a.m.; closes Monday to Thursday at 7p.m.; Fridays at 5p.m.; and on Sundays until you say when.

Be sure to indulge in the sweet treats of their Ice Cream Shop.