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RW Tapas night

Published:Tuesday | October 20, 2015 | 12:16 PM
Fried squid with bacon escoveitched.
Tandoori chicken kebab with mint coriander sauce.
Spicy garlic shrimp.
Crostinis with smoked marlin salsa.
Restaurant Week Ambassador Natasha Lee digging in at RW Tapas night.
Waiter Navardo Nelson has the right idea: Dig In for RW 2015!
Grilled fish kebab with sweet ginger mushroom glaze.

interaction at his Seahorse Grill at the Montego Bay Yacht Club last Wednesday night.

This was his first-ever Tapas night, and, based on the response, he would definitely consider doing another experience, he tells Food.

Awakening the senses with roasted broccoli, served with chorizo and walnuts with shallot, garlic, and coriander oil, the renowned chef enticed the taste buds to sample amazing grilled fish kebabs with sweet ginger mushroom glaze and a spicy garlic shrimp.

However, those were merely the tip of the tapas iceberg. Josephs dug deep into his pocket of creativity and pulled out a roasted pepper salad, and my favourite dish of the night: crostinis with smoked marlin salsa, tomato, basil, marinated olives, and fresh mozzarella cheese.

When the senses were completely awake, Josephs went for gold, with fried squids and bacon escoveitch, a Spanish potato tortilla, Middle Eastern meatballs with garlic-tomato sauce and ratatouille and beans. Tandoori chicken kebabs with mint-coriander sauce, grilled beef with tango sauce; hummus with pita points; and mushrooms with garlic and parsley completed this incredible culinary journey.

This was a meal made in heaven, and this was evidenced by guests returning for second, third and fourth servings. Restaurant Week ambassadors Dr Germaine Spencer and Natasha Lee got a precursor of what to expect during the November week-long celebration of food.

For guest Dr Claudine Lewis, it was, "overall, a fantastic experience. The food was done to perfection. The standouts for me were the steak, which was just the right amount of tender, flavours enhanced by fresh herbs, paired really well with the merlot, which helped to release the flavours."

She absolutely loved the roasted bell pepper salad, which was yummy, light, and zesty. The hummus, with pita chips, was also one of the standouts for the night, she said.

William Craig and his wife, Candis, are still talking about the experience days later. "We got the opportunity to experience an incredible variety of tastes all at one sitting. Hope Robbie continues to give his patrons the opportunity to experience such a wide array of culinary experiences," they stated.