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Ice dream face-off

Published:Tuesday | May 17, 2016 | 12:00 AMNashauna Lalah
Patrick Morgan's frozen dessert Purple Rain, an ode to the late Prince.
An elated Patrick Morgan collects his prize of $10,000 gift certificate redeemable at any Progesssive Food Stores from LASCO Marketing Manager Catherine Goodall.
Tanesha Ashton (centre) presents her frozen desert to judges Rhona Rhoden-Muñoz (left) and Sharon Coke.
LASCO Marketing Manager Catherine Goodall (centre) gets in on the action with judges Rhona Rhoden-Munoz (left) and Sharon Coke.
Judge Jacqui Birthwright sampling one of the creations.
Tanesha Ashton's Exotic Dream.
Judge Allison Morgan digs into one of the frozen desserts.
Judges Allison Morgan (right) and Sharon Coke mull over the ingredients in one of the entries.

There are very few competitions in which everyone is a winner, including the judges. But that was the case at the delectable finals of the 'Win with LASCO Ice Dream' contest held in collaboration with The Gleaner's Food section on Tuesday at LASCO's Central Village, St Catherine, facility.

The challenge was for contestants to take either of the two LASCO dessert-mix flavours (vanilla or chocolate) and create a unique new treat. LASCO super-fan Tanesha Ashton stepped up to the challenge with her 'Exotic Dream with LASCO Ice Dream'. Meanwhile, her competitor, Patrick Morgan, named his creation 'Purple Rain'.

The versatile mixes provide the perfect base to build a tasty and unique frozen dessert, and that is exactly what they did.

Morgan's Purple Rain was, not surprisingly, named in honour of the singer Prince, who died recently. The judges were clearly in awe of this creation, marvelling at the complexity of flavours as each ingredient got its moment to shine with none overpowering the other. Banana, Oreo cookies and white rum were just some of the flavours that were immediately evident on the judges' palates.

Ashton's creation was exotic. Ice cream's two all-time favourite companions, nuts and coffee, were on board for the ride on this creamy tide, with some help from condensed milk. The goodness was hard to resist.

As the judges' taste buds did the happy dance, their fingers and what cerebral capacity was not distracted started computing the scores. The numbers were checked and rechecked, as only a half-a-point separated the two contestants.

While Ashton swept the presentation category, Morgan was able to inch ahead in the all-important taste category. It was Morgan, therefore, who was crowned overall champion of the sweet contest.

Here are both contestants' recipes. Give them a try or come up with your own way to enjoy LASCO Ice Dream.

Purple Rain (inspired by the late Prince)




2 sachet of vanilla ice cream

1 tsp vanilla extract

A pinch cinnamon powder

3 tsp white rum

300ml water

3 ripe banana

Purple food colouring

Favourite crushes cookies (Oreo, butterkist, etc)




1. Puree bananas with vanilla extract, cinnamon powder, white rum, and water.

2. If you do not have purple food colouring, mix blue and red colouring to create the effect, then add to pureed bananas.

3. Mix until the purple colour is consistent.

4. Add vanilla ice cream sachet to mixture in the blender.

5. Mix for one minute.

6. Add favourite crushed cookies to the mixture and mix for another minute. Pour into container, ensure the mixture is evenly spread, then cover container.

7. Allow to freeze for minimum of six hours. Enjoy with topping of choice - whipped cream, sprinkles or chocolate syrup.

Exotic Dreams with Lasco Ice Dream




1 pack Lasco Ice Dream

Chocolate flavour

2 packs Mountain Peak instant coffee

1/2 tin condensed milk

1/2 cup whipping cream

A handful of chocolate candy pieces to your liking

A handful of crushed peanuts to your liking




1. Place the instant coffee in a medium bowl with a tbs of water to dissolve completely.

2. Empty condensed milk in said bowl and mix thoroughly. Add whipping cream and vigorously whip with a small whisk then set aside.

3. In another bowl, prepare your LASCO Ice Dream as per manufacturer's instructions.

4. Combine both mixtures and add chocolate and crushed peanuts.

5. Place mixture into container and refrigerator.

Serve in a bowl by itself or with warm brownies or waffles.