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OMG To Great Taste

Published:Thursday | June 20, 2019 | 12:00 AMLatara Boodie/Gleaner Writer
Nadia Robinson is ready to serve you a gastronomic experience at OMG.
The Campari Snap is bursting with zesty flavour.
Indulge in the highly recommended lasagna at OMG.
Enjoy this scrumptious omelette with ackee.
Lange-Chen recommends the OMG salmon for dinner.
This pineapple and Appleton mixture is truly a Jamaica delight.
The classic Appleton Epic made with coconut water and Appleton Reserve.

Just outside the town of Mandeville is a gem where many locals love to take their daily coffee break. The OMG Restaurant, located within the Cobblestone complex at 1 Brumalia Avenue, is deemed by many as the place for all seasons. What was once the fine-dining establishment ‘Bird of Paradise’ has evolved into a multifaceted gastronomic experience which offers a wide range of delicious cuisine.

Upon arrival, expect to feel right at home with its warm olive green decor and plush lounge chairs. The relaxed interior is equipped with a large flat screen which is perfect for watching a game or catching up with the latest local news. Its open bar is accented by beautifully crafted bar stools which are comfortable enough to sip and chat for hours. Attached to the restaurant is a veranda which allows you to enjoy the crisp inflow of fresh Mandeville air. The multilevel facility also offers a fine-dining encounter upstairs and a meeting room furnished with multimedia projector.

“What makes OMG different is that we are always up to date with the trends happening on the international scene and we execute them right here in our kitchen,” said Executive Chef Debe-Ann Lange-Chen.

Beaming with pride, Lange-Chen declares OMG as a cut above the rest among the chain of restaurants along the island’s south coast. “Our chefs are capable of producing anything, and our menu is always changing. We have a few staples but when you come here there is always something new to try,” she said.

OMG serves breakfast, lunch, dinner and appetisers such as wine and cheese for days when you are in the mood to hang out with friends in style. The must-try breakfast meal is the extra fluffy ackee omelette served with your side of choice.

Standout lasagna

Their highly recommended lasagna is a crowd favourite. Each serving is made individually from scratch with care and perfection. “Unless it is a special occasion we do not make trays of lasagna. Every serving gets individual attention, which is what keeps the consistency of the flavours,” explained Lange-Chen. Her recommended dinner entrée is the salmon. “We also have vegan options on our menu as well as Chinese, Indian, Jamaican and other international cuisine,” she said.

The bar offers a variety of mixed liquor crafted from Campari, Wray & Nephew White Overproof Rum and Appleton Estate premium blends. Their top three drinks include the Campari Snap made from Campari, lime juice, a splash of ginger and triple sec. The Jamaica Delight packed with pineapples and Appleton, and finally the classic Appleton Epic made with Appleton Reserve and coconut water.

“Appleton has been an incredible partner since 2013. They have provided uniforms, had classes with our mixologist to improve their drink-making skills, and included in whatever campaign or event they are having in the area,” said Daffodil Wright, OMG restaurant manager.